Friday, September 01, 2006

EWS Warhammer league 2006

From Commissar Brett...

As the league is about to start, I have set out the groups again, in case any of you have forgotten.Please be aware that the games are to last 6 turns, unless somebody concedes. To make things fair on those players who crack on and play the full 6 turns, if any game runs out of time with less than 6 turns played, both players will receive zero points regardless of the situation at the end of play. Now some of you may be thinking that I am just displaying my new Reich tendancies, but there really isn't any excuse for not playing 6 turns in 3 hours. Andy and I played two 6 turn 1500 point games today in 4.5 hours (including chatting and drink breaks), so it can be done gentlemen.I am setting up a spreadsheet to record the results, which I will update as often as I can.

The groups are:
Group 1:>>
Mick - Dogs of War
Dave - Bretonnians
Robin - Tomb Kings
Bradley - Bretonnians
Tony W - Empire

Group 2:>>
Andy G - Chaos
Tom - Tomb Kings
James - Chaos
Greg - Empire or Orcs and Goblins
Mark - Wood Elves

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