Saturday, March 31, 2007

British Army's New Unisex Boot

Advance extract from Sunday Times - 1st April 2007
... Due to female soldiers now serving on the front line, British Land Forces have introduced a new style boot to ensure that the girls can retain some feminine traits. These boots have been well received, and even some male colleagues have trialled these boots. A recent quote indicated "that this is a major step foward in boot design. The Army has waited over 300 years for such a significant development". Some parallels to boot design adopted during the English Civil War have been made, but even Prince Rupert never envisaged such a radical improvement ...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

April 4th games

Right, now I've put Brett off Mordheim for life...

Next week - JDE/Brett/Mark/Robin - Martian Empires
Mick/Dave/Bradley - Something new.
The others - Form a square, Mr Darcy.

... Giving up smoking ...

It wasn't a good day for the CO of 1 Para to give up smoking.

Monday, March 26, 2007

ACW - Unions attacking?

In this game, Brett said that the Unions had to attack (look left). However, being a Rebel he didn't
read the rules and then simply came over the wall towards the Unions (right) ... carnage! Lucky I had the Irish Brigade to beat off them smelly Rebs.

Ensuring victory ...

Right. Well this one is "How to win in Iraq". Quite simply outnumber the enemy with superior firepower, armour and numbers and hey presto - one times succesful invasion. Seems to work quite well. Might need to consider a long term political solution prior to the war though ...

Mexican-American War Hoopla

This war is all about throwing hoops over each other. If you look close enough you can see that both sides have managed to get a few hits on each other. The winners will be awarded a goldfish at the end of the evening. The US forces have a slight edge over the Mexicans, but its all to play for ...

It's James's fault ...

... well he gave me access by giving me the password, so here I am. Blogging along about nothing in particular. Wargames. That's what I'll talk about. Played quite a few now and painted some figures, some good, some bad and some really ugly. However, they are all loved - apart from the ones I didn't like and subsequently ebay'd. That's the thing with gamers, we can be really fickle. Like a butterfly, floating from one project to the next and never finishing any. Anyway, wargamers die as soon as they finish all their painting. That means I'm immortal. Great, so I'll be doing this blog thing for quite a while. See ya'll later.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Games for the 28th March

OK... Next week's entertainment appears to be as follows -

Napoleonic, Warmaster, AT-43, and probably Mordheim...

Other business? Not really... no..

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Games for 21.2.07

So - glossing over the fact that I beat Bradley at Epic, next week we have...

JDE - 1520ish Aztecs/Spanish, DBA or HotT
Dave/Bradley - something tba
Brett, Phil, et al; Napoleonic
Mick/Robin - something historical. And wriggly.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Games for the 14th March

Next week on the 14th, I'll be playing Bradley at Speckled Epic; other games include ACW (Dave, bring the union!), Napoleonic and 40K.

Following week I'm playing DBA, or the like, in about 1520ish...