Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Games for 7th Nov

This week the greenskins decided to argue amongst themselves at the wrong point and paid dearly for it, the historical gamers seemed to be very quiet, for once :-) and in the halloween game, lifts stopped play... Next week we have- Phil, Brett, Rob, Smee, Chris and Tom- Nappies (land and sea). James, Mick, BookMarc and Bradley- Aeroneff.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Games for 31st Oct

At time of writing- the Empire is realising green is good! The ogres know why its called a "scrap"launcher, Marshal Snae has come on, the Spanish ships are suffering from wind and the Bloodbowl teams are getting stoned! Next week we have- Andy, Chris, Smee, Tom, BookMarc, Rob and Mick- Halloween rpg/skirmish. James & Tony, Neil & Steve- Warhammer and Brett, Phil and Bradley- Franco/Prussian.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Games for 24th Oct

At time of writing the Black and White Minstrels are about to face of to Mexican peasants through a wood, the Skaven are about to run with their tales between their legs and the Yanks seem to be killing more of the enemy than themselves! Next week- Brett, Andy, Smee and Phil- Napoleonic land. Rob, Chris, Gregg, Tom and Knuckles- Napoleonic sea. Robin & Tony (hopefully!), Bradley & BookMarc- Warhammer. Neil and James- Bloodbowl.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Games for 17th Oct

Well the D&D was remarkably quiet, the Nappies almost recreated what happened in history and the 40k league ended in a Tyranid blood/Necron oil bath with the Eldar been given the title over the Chaos, just. Cheers to Robin for organising and putting up with the players! Next week- Robin & Tony, James & BookMarc- Warhammer. Brett, Phil, Smee and Rob- Mexican/American. Bradley, Chris, Neil, Gregg, Tom and Knuckles- Rapid Fire. Remember to think of ideas for a modeled scenic board...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Games for the 10th

The fish fed well tonight, the Nappies fought to a draw and the fanatics lost the prize! Next week we have the 40k final- Robin, Bradley, Brett and Mick (2 tables). D&D-Andy, BookMarc, Chris, Neil, Gregg and Rob. Napoleonic- Phil, Smee, Tom, James and Knuckles.