Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Final 2007 meeting


Well where were you, eh? Hmph.

Still - Chris, Bookmark and The Committee had a few drinks and a chat. And got few text messages. Brett - if you were playing Dude on the 2nd, you're now not - child'd birthday or some such poor excuse.

The Beach is shut on Boxing Day evening, much to Bradley's dismay. That just leaves next year's order of business as decided by a slightly pissed committee (Mick and Bradley weren't, I was).

After the show spending embargo is over, the club's next period will be the 1902 Islamic uprising on Mars. Mars (having two crescent moons) has always been coverted by Islamic figures, and the 1902 uprising represents excellent wargaming potential. The figures for this scale of planet sweeping conquest are 8.5mm, an excellent compromise between scale and detail. Rules need to be as flexible as possible so we have settled on Hordes of the Things as the only detailed set of proper wargaming rules up to the job.

So - pick a faction and get painting! Any questions let Mick know.

Happy Christmas/Soltice/yule everyone - see you Jan 2nd.

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