Thursday, May 29, 2008

Games for 4th June

First of all well done to the 3 adult wargamers for beating the 2 visiting, non-gaming, children in their game... just!

Next week we have-
Rob, Bookmarc, Phil and Chris- Megablitz
Brett, Mini-Smee, James and Vince- Mordhiem
Robin and Mick- 40k
Bradley, Tom and Gregg- ? (although be a good chance its Rapid Fire or Epic...)

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Games for 28.5

Next week -
  • Dr Who with Mick, Connor, JDE, Chris, and Trainset.
  • ACW for Brett, Phil, Bookmark, Greg and Rob.
  • Bradley, Tom, Tony, Vince, Dave and Knuckles presumed absent and to bring their own game if not!

As a side note - Ollies Armies are closing down - see link in the sidebar of the blog. If you want anything from them, now would be a good time....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Games for 21.5.08

First off, thank you to Rygas for turning up and running a Kursk FOW game at a quiet club night - Ta! Special thanks to John, for turning up, running a Kursk FOW game, and having the piss ripped out of him; and to Fred for not trying to collect our club money.

Also this week we saw Tom with an illegal army - shocker! And a vicious Mordheim brawl in the area of the city that our campaign next year will be set in - Cutter's Alley.

Next week we have confirmed WHQ with JDE, Robin, Trainset, Bookmarc, Chris and Tom (a new one at 1st level) and Brett with something historical. Rob/Vince/Bradley may want to bring something else...

Week after - Mick's Back. More new Connor inspried ideas then you can shake a stick at.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Games for 14th May

Next week we have: Tom & Bookmarc doing Warhammer, James, Brett & Mini-Smee doing Mordheim and finally Phil, Chris, Tony, Rob & Bradley joining in with a guest appearance from some of the Ryga's Roughnecks putting on a Kursk battle using the Flames of War rules.
Topic for the week: If a Napoleonic cavalary unit charges at a gap...

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Games for 7th May

Next week we have: Phil, Brett, Chris, Rob and Mini-Smee doing Nappies, Bradley, Bookmarc, Tom and probably Gregg doing Epic and lastley Robin, James and Mick doing Necromunda.
If anyone wants to buy an open topped, one speed, one direction (forward only), armourless, turret stuck, steam tank (one careful owner) contact James...

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