Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Games for 21.5.08

First off, thank you to Rygas for turning up and running a Kursk FOW game at a quiet club night - Ta! Special thanks to John, for turning up, running a Kursk FOW game, and having the piss ripped out of him; and to Fred for not trying to collect our club money.

Also this week we saw Tom with an illegal army - shocker! And a vicious Mordheim brawl in the area of the city that our campaign next year will be set in - Cutter's Alley.

Next week we have confirmed WHQ with JDE, Robin, Trainset, Bookmarc, Chris and Tom (a new one at 1st level) and Brett with something historical. Rob/Vince/Bradley may want to bring something else...

Week after - Mick's Back. More new Connor inspried ideas then you can shake a stick at.

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