Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Games for 11th June and the important bit!

Next week -

  • Colonial (Sudan, not proper colonial with Martians!) - Vince, Rob, JDE (now only probable - sorry!), Brett, Trainset, Phil and Tony.
  • 40K - Mick and Robin, if Mick isn't sneezing and Robin can get down before half eight.
  • Retinue - Ye Chris, ye Bradley, and ye Bookmark.

The Important Bit!

Without wanting to steal Brett's thunder -

League Group 1 - (the league of undeath)

JDE - Vampire Counts
Andy G - Daemons, suddenly unable to borrow JDE's figures to beat him with
Tom - Tomb Kings. With a prince and everything.
Bookmark - Skaven wolf-fodder
Phil - Empire, Count Rabbit in Von headlights.

League Group 2 - (Mostly Mortal)

Trainset - High Elves (with Always Routs First)
Bradley - Better the Ogres you know
Robin - Tomb Queens, that sand gets everywhere
Rob - Empire on foot
And, post draw and with the consent of all involvd, Vince - Orcs and Goblins. Didn' t see that coming!

Rules to follow from the right wing of the club.

Normal secretarial service to be resumed when Mick stops sneezing, you'll be pleased to hear.

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