Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Debrief for 27 August and Games for 3 September 2008

It does not seem that I have been away for three weeks and it was good to see that I had been missed....

The three games tonight comprised of several ships of the British Navy of 1812 chasing a smaller flotilla of US ships around the table whilst having to avoid inconvenient islands and although they lost a frigate, the British managed to capture a US sloop (and consequently the secret of its revolutionary design that makes it go faster) so it depends on whose newspaper you read tomorrow to decide who actually won. (Nice models, by the way, Rob).
In stark contrast, tonight's Warhammer League game between Andy's Daemons of Chaos and James' Vampire Count saw a very definite victor when James conceded defeat after turn five, presumably in order to prevent further bloodshed, albeit largely amongst his own Vampires (although no doubt, being Vampires, they know somewhere to get cheap but good quality stocks of blood). The Daemons of Chaos suffered little more than a Gene Stealer with a slight limp which puts Andy in a strong position in the League table.
The very bitter looking battle between the Necrons and Tyrannids was still going when I left but I remember hearing the comment that The Master (Robin) had been taught by The Padawan (Tom) how to use The Master's favorite army. Methinks that Young Tom has an appointment with a lava pit in the not too distant future.

Oh, and the locker cleaning exercise was fun too with extra space now created for new scenary etc to be purchased / built and an impromptu auction raised some extra sheckles for the Club.

So, next week (Wednesday 3 September 2008 - 69th Anniversary of Britain's entry into the Second World War):

Myself and Bookmark - Warhammer League Game.
Vince and Trainset - Warhamer League.
Chris, Mick and Tony - World War Two 20mm.
Brad, Brett, Rob and Tom - Ancients (Rome v Carthage tbc).

In the unlikely event of another Liverpool football match, Brett will arrange a game with Vince.


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