Friday, September 26, 2008

Debrief for 24 September and Games for 1 October 2008

Ok, I know, this is late getting published - my horse got shot from under me and then I got robbed by a passing Prussian Fusilier. I wouldn't have minded except that he is supposed to be Friendly Forces. I suppose he did say, 'Danke mein kamerade' when he had finished fleecing my pockets and cutting away my gold bullion epaulette.....
Back to the present; it is said that a picture paints a thousand words, so this week I have decided to start photographing the games played at the Club and posting them on the blog as a snapshot of games played at the Club.
This will facilitate gaming veterans to look back on an evening and say, 'Ah yes, I remember when.....' and will also allow Club Members to poke fun at Tom when he turns up with unpainted figures and bases that don't even have figures on them at all, but 'will do in a few weeks time - is it ok to use them in this Warhammer League Game?'!!

It would be rude not to start with a Napoleonic scenario and here we have the French (in blue) caught out by the Austrians (in white) whilst crossing a river. French Dragoons and Cuirassiers deploy to threaten the Austrian left. The infantry take cover in the buildings hoping to hold on until reinforcements arrive across the single bridge that the Austrians can attempt to destroy, with barges loaded with rocks, at the beginning of each movement phase thus preventing French reinforcement that turn. (Based on an historical event - answer below)

An array of Austrian artillery........ stark contrast to a disarray of Empire artillery (cheap gunpowder!)

The Club Committee - see if you can guess who is who?

Brad's Ogres advancing towards
the remnants of Rob's Empire Army
for some ouch time.

Meanwhile, next table along, neighbours from hell!


I am unable to include any photos of the Warhammer Quest Game that took place on the Quarterdeck. It was upon hearing one of the participants asking, 'If I put my finger in it, can I wiggle it around?' that made me think that this game might not be fit for public viewing!
Next week, a hatrick of Warhammer League Games: Myself v James, Bookmark v Andy and (in a change from what was discussed) Rob v Robin.
Brett will be acting as UN Peacekeeper for the Warhammer League Games.
Vince will be putting on a Flames of War (Second World War to the uninitiated) with Trainset and, of course, Brad.
Mick will be putting on one of his special games with Dude (welcome back) and Chris.
Oh, and the Napoleonic battle? Aspern-Essling, 21-22 May 1809 - Napoleons first personal defeat and, arguably, the turning point in the Napoleonic Wars.

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