Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Debrief for 3 September and Games for 10 September 2008

Tonight was going so well right up until Robin popped in for a few minutes, looked at the Empire Army lined up against the Scaven Army and said, 'I will expect The Empire to push The Skaven off the table'. The proverbial kiss of death - he doesn't even have to physically touch the dice any more!

Two turns later, The Skaven had blasted one Wizard off the table, the second Wizard miscast on THREE ones and blew up everyone around him including the Warrior Priest whilst selfishly leaving himself unscaved, the Knights then charged and even a moderatetly reasonable dice throw would have won the combat but they ended up losing the Close Combat by TWO points and then ambled away having thrown six on THREE dice and were promptly overrun and destroyed by the pursuing Skaven. As a result, the Flagellents then found themselves beset on two sides and lost so many figures that they were unable to fight back. The Empire being well on its way to quite literally going to rats decided to call it a night a conceded the game.

The Empire was only just consolled by the news that the High Elves on the other table had just been defeated by the Orcs thus maintaining their unbroken and distinguished record of defeat during this current League.

Next table along saw the Americans battling the Germans in the bocage using Chris's very nicely painted figures and tanks. With both side beating each other into the ground, this particular engagement ended in a draw (and probably a radio call for naval gunfire support from the Allies - that'll learn 'em).

And finally, the Romans were still fighting the Carthaginians at the end of the evening in a game put on by Rob (one day we are going to find a period that Rob does not have models for!!). Liked the elephants too!

Onto next week;

Vince and Robin along with Tom and Bookmark will be playing the next round of Warhammer League.

Rob will remain in the Ancient period with Mick.

Chris and everybody else able to make next week (including Brett, Brad, Trainset, Tony, Knuckles and James) will partake in a game of Retinue. For the uninitiated, that is Medieval Skirmish.

A couple of parish notices:

Please remember what games you volunteer to play the following week in order to assist the game organiser.

Please remember to bring £20 each next week in order for Brett to collate funds for the Club Game. The figures for the Boxer Rebellion will be ordered at the Newbury Show later this month.

Please remember to never invade Russia in the winter and definitely keep Robin away from your dice! Oh, and now that we have the new Club t-shirts, don't be afraid to wear them on Club night; you don't need to save them just for wargame shows and wedding anniversary dinners.


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