Thursday, September 04, 2008

Details of the Orc v High Elves Battle just in by galloper...

Just to say that Trainsets High Elves were not helped by some good die rolling from me and some bad from him. Also I had to resort to a couple of dispel scrolls when my astrologers spotted comets changing course............

Man of the match for me was the brave Doom Diver, who heroically landed on the Dragon Princes killing nearly the whole unit. Oh, and the Snotlings routed the repeater bolt thrower crew and then ate the survivors (hey, it's a victory when you are less than 3 feet tall !).

Bizarrely it was the only game I have ever played where not one Orc unit got into combat. Gork was so upset he stamped on one of the boyz to "encourage" them to do better next time ! Luckily the night Goblin fanatics, bolt throwers, doom divers and magic users had not been to "Anger Management" classes.

[By Phil - the above having been written by Vince, this is a classic example of history being written by the Victorious]

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