Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Games for 24 September 2008

Tomb Kings beaten by Chaos Daemons, Tomb Kings fought to a draw by Orcs, Indian elephants fighting Macedonian Pikemen in earshot of Pirates stealing treasure from Undead Pirates (all in authentic headgear - of course) and the usual spectacular display of dice throwing from myself. All in all, a good fun night. Next week:

Brad and Rob: Warhamer League

Vince and Mick: 40K

James, Andy, Trainset, Brett, Bookmark and Chris: Warhammer Quest (it should be noted that Robin wanted to play but cried off with the lame excuse that it is his Wedding Anniversary - bring her along; the perfect surprise night out!!).

Myself and Tony: Napoleonic (where the magic phase is called 'Cannister').

Good luck to Tom who is sailing off to discover new lands for Club, Queen and Country. Tom says that he will call the place 'New Zealand' - a rather snappy name.


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