Saturday, October 18, 2008

Debrief (and Club Expeditionary Force Sitrep) for 15 October 2008

OK, so I wasn't there - but my spies were. Rob captured satellite imagery of the following action last Wednesday: above left, a Second World War snowball fight - without snowballs and to the right a game of Hide & Seek with at least a change of hairstyle in store for the losers (French-Indian style, of course).

If you are wondering where the Secretary was - a chance for Major General Von Tourism Adams to spend four days in Normandy seemed too good a
chance to miss.

This is me at German Strongpoint WN72 overlooking Omaha Beach at Vierville-sur-Mere (the vicinity upon which the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan was based).

The Secretary hasn't been the only one on foreign shores. Young Ensign Tom Von Tourism Ferrero is in New Zealand. He sent this stunning photo of a Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing his car; at least it was - just seconds before he grabbed his camera......

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