Thursday, October 02, 2008

Debrief for 1 October 2008

Rob's Empire Pikemen - I took this photo at the beginning of turn one because by the time I got around to taking photos last week (turn two!!), Rob's army was already in pieces!

Robin's Tomb King cavalry bear down on Rob's Empire Army.

Believe or not, Billy No Mates here on the right is on the winning side - and he survived to tell the tale. Not sure to whom he told the tale cos they're all dead. But then they were all dead in the first place. Oh, I don't know - I'm a Napoleonic gamer!

Bookmark's Skaven army lined up and ready for the big off against Andy's delightful Daemons.

Two of the three concurrent Warhammer League games in progress. Andy (leaning across the table) moving his figures towards one of Bookmark's now infamous loaded dice experiences.

The Futile Empire Army takes to the field for the last time this League.

Some examples of my own outstanding dice throwing. The five dice to the right? Anything but a one, of course.

Top Tip: When Uncle Mick says, 'Throw the dice that scored low last time because they'll score high next time' - ignore him!

Example Two: Varghulf is within 10" of a Great Gun. Gun loads with grapeshot - anything but a misfire will at least hurt this evil entity - and wot 'appens? Gunners - useless !%*&$!!! Gunners then get eaten whilst running away.

Now, this is more like it; How to turn a Corpse Cart into a mobile Bar-b-que in one easy lesson.

And then James with his Sesame Street Vampire Counts started throwing the kind of dice that are remarkably familiar to me!

Din dins Fido! Just after this the Flagellants were hit by their own artillery - not that any of them noticed, of course.

Ah, a nice, quiet, sensible game of World War Two - the Comfort Zone....
And finally, quote of the evening goes to Dude:-
Dude: They are having a really heavy conversation over there.
James: What are they talking about?
Dude: I don't know, I wasn't listening.
See you all next week.

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