Thursday, October 09, 2008

Debrief for 8 October 2008

I remembered to bring everything for the game - even remembered to re-charge the camera batteries; ah, the camera....
Luckily, Rob had his very nice mobile phone/camera/TV/ coffee dispenser/washing machine combo to hand so we have at least a couple of photos.
To the left, the opening phase to the battle fought around the village of Markgrafneusiedl (worth one million points in a game of Scrabble) - part of the Battle of Wagram of 1809. The Austrians, commanded by Rob, prepare to defend the heights from a French assault commanded by Chris.

Next table along, some 40K being fought between Robin and Brett with Mick and Dude doing the same next table along by way of a 'coming soon' feature advertised at the Nine O'Clock Meeting - the Annual 40K Tournament organised by Robin.
This evening's Warhammer contest between Brad and Trainset saw the Ogres being fought to a draw by the Elves. (I overheard Brad muttering something about 'bloody cannons misfiring' - now that is something I understand).
In revenge, Brad threatened to bring along a game of Epic next week!
Meanwhile, up on the mizzen deck, James and Bookmark were playing a worryingly quiet game of, well, Darth Vader and the Nazi Hordes invade Britain in 1940. When I asked if the Imperial Walkers goose stepped (a perfectly serious question), James said that I worry him. Hey, I'm not the one with Imperial Walkers goose stepping up Station Road in Hythe - in 1940.

This photo is pure self gratification and nothing to do with last night's battles - I took it at the Regimental Museum in Brecon a few weeks ago. Just part of a very nice diorama they have of the last stand at Isandlwana. Now once I have finished painting my Napoleonics......

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