Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Games for 8 October 2008

OK Troops,

Debrief and phots from tonight's action to follow soon - however, in the meantime, here are the games for next week:

Warhammer League - Brad and Trainset.
40K - Dude and Mick.
Hordes - Bookmark and James.
Napoleonic - Myself, Chris, Rob and Vince.
Something unspeakable - Robin and Brett.

In a slight change to what was discussed, Andy G won't be at Club next week so Brett will be having a game with Robin.

Parish notices:

Many thanks to everyone for getting the Club's first annual subscription squared away. This will, amongst other things, allow the Club to gradually improve the terrain situation.

It is the intention of the Club to put on a game at the Bristol Show on 30 November organised by Mick, Brad and Chris; details to follow.


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