Thursday, October 30, 2008


Due to the absence of so many of the club pyromaniacs on Guy Fawkes Night there will be no club on 5th November 2008.

Whilst the saying goes 'Remember, remember the 5th of November' it is also worth remembering that the 5th November is also notable as the date when William of Orange landed in Brixham in 1688 putting Britain on the path to modern government and monarchy, religious tolerance and better individual freedoms.

The 5th November is also the date on which the Battle of Inkerman was fought in 1854 during the Crimean War; a battle that gained notoriety as 'the soldiers battle' as the foggy weather conditions made command and control practically impossible with soldiers simply holding their ground including one Corporal Prettyjohns of the Royal Marines who resorted to throwing rocks in order to repel the attacking Russians earning him one of the first Victoria Crosses awarded.

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