Thursday, January 29, 2009

Debrief for 28 January 2009

Just a short debrief this week as we prepare for the Plymouth Wargames Show on Saturday that, as well as the ever popular Zombie Game, will also see the inaugeral appearance of the Club Project; The Boxer Rebellion.

It seems like only yesterday (actually, last July) that we decided to have a Club Project. The Boxer Rebellion is in many ways a rather quirkey period that provides for both discerning historical and fantasy wargamers. Well done to everybody for their input on the organising, painting, basing and scratch building fronts and for achieving the aim on schedule and all without having had to resort sending people to the Eastern Front for not producing the goods.

This evening was spent test playing the game whilst an American Civil War battle raged on the next table along. Sorry, no photos this week but there will be plenty of photos in the Plymouth Show Debrief Special.

Next week there will be the following games:

Close Quarter Battle: Myself, Vince, Chris (and Bookmark?).

Second World War: Mick, Gregg and Andrew.

A Surprise Game: Bradley and Rob (2 - 1 favorite on Epic).

Stragglers can be attached where necessary.

For those who are about to go to Plymouth (we salute you!), Brett and Myself will start pick ups as discussed at 8am Saturday. Don't forget to wear your Club T-Shirt.

By the way, it is said that Robin has been painting historical figures - surely this is just a malicious rumour designed to sully his good name, but then again....


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