Thursday, January 08, 2009

Debrief for 7 January 2009 (See ammendments in Bold print)

A big, warm Exmouth welcome to 2009 - at least it is inside. The nostalgia of Christmas Past was very apparent on this first Club Night of the New Year with a game of Risk seeing His Imperial Highness Emperor Mick The Terrible and his Mongol Hordes swarming across Asia, Australia and most of America.

Next table along the New Year was celebrated in good old fasioned Napoleonic style with French Imperial Eagles advancing towards the silent line of British Infantry on the ridge patiently waiting to unleash a storm of volley fire.

The British still lost and lost a general killed, though, so Marechel Le Brett will be happy for the rest of the week - shame about his cavalry, though!

......and Bradley brought along a game of Epic; yes, another fun packed year ahead!
There was also a game of 40K Quest on the mizzen deck but the photo had a 'I've had too much to drink' look about it - sorry chaps. But I did here lots of exhortations for Sigmar and rumours of friendly fire being excused with 'but he was a dwarf' as if that makes it all ok - so it must have been fun. Also, Sideshow Bob (don't ask) asking about the technical attributes of the three sided dice (again, don't ask).


Close Quarter Battle (Modern!): Myself, Trainset, Tony, Tom, Vince and any Stragglers.
Battle Fleet Gothic: Neil, James and No Stragglers.
40K: Bookmark and Robin with Mick as Umpire.
World War Two (all of it!): Brad and any Stragglers.


1. The Warhammer 2008 League Final will be fought on 21 January between Vince and Andy.

2. The Plymouth Show is on 31 January and will be attended by the following (logistical details to follow):
Brett (Driver)
Myself (Driver)

3. 40K Tournament - All participants who have not done so are requested to e-mail their Army Lists to Robin ASAP otherwise he will crush you with a Baneblade.

4. In the finest traditions of the United Nations - the final, final, final deadline for the Boxer Rebellion kit to be given to Mick and James for basing is 14 JANUARY.
Please keep in mind that we need to have a test game with the figures and buildings on 28 January.
This will be the only opportunity that we will have to play test the game before the Plymouth Show so it is imperative that figures are given to Mick and James on 14 JANUARY! Thank you.

5. Rob is organising the Zulu War game on 21 January. As mentioned before, this will be based on The Battle of Isandlwana. The list for participants is now closed and consists of:
Myself, Trainset, Brett, Tony, Bookmark, Chris, Brad, Tom and James.
Rob will Umpire the game but needs a Lt Col Pulleine to command the British and a Ntshingwayo kaMahole to command the Zulus - any takers? Whoever wants to be Pulleine will need a fast horse!


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