Thursday, February 12, 2009

Debrief for 11 February 2009

A game of Gaslight with James and Mark - check out the moustache on the officer figure

I understand that these Steam Tanks are not the most reliable thing ever invented - according to my mate in the Polish Army, you can't beat a good old fasioned horse...

A nice looking Warhammer Fantasy game between Mick and Neil with a new terrain matt brought in by Mick.

This is something of a 'I think we're going to need a bigger boat' moment.

However, these games can produce their moments - all seventeen of the bowman shooting at yonder loan target missed. Thank goodness Good King Harry wasn't relying on them at Agincourt.

Brett brought in this beautifully painted French Indian War game with Rob and Vince playing the French and Myself and Andy B as the British.

The artillery train crawls through the dense forest with flank guards to fight off ambushes.

Finally, the British arrive at their objective and launch an assault only for the 42nd Highlanders (newly painted and obviously nervous at their debut on a gaming table) to throw a 1 at the last moment and rout thus handing the French a tactical victory.

The Dark Ages of Warhammer Ancient saw Chris, Brad and Gregg hacking each other to pieces around a ruined castle.

Some Knights looking for peasants to trample underfoot.

Some of our cousins from across the waters looking to make new friends during their busman's holiday.

Next week we have the following line up:

Andy G and Vince with Brett Umpiring and myself jeering.

Warhammer Ancient (a new club popular?):
Chris, Bookmark, Rob, Trainset and Brett (when not Umpiring for the League Final).

Warhammer: James and Mick.

And another game that threatens to be Epic: Brad and Gregg.


The Devizes Show is on Saturday 18 July 2009 and it is the Club's intention to put on the Boxer Rebellion game. At present we have Mick and James definitely going with Andy B and myself pending as driver(s) but dependant on work schedules.


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