Friday, February 20, 2009

Debrief for 18 February 2009

No images this week until I work out how to get photos e-mailed from my new (and first ever personal!) mobile phone! However, it is suffice to say that this week saw the climactic conclusion of the Warhammer League 2008.

Vince and his charming, squabbling Orcs faced Andy G and his very nasty and downright evil Chaos Daemons (can you guess who massacred me during the League?). Whilst the American Civil War and two other Warhammer games were being fought (has anyone ever seen an unlimbered cannon being used to charge the enemy? It wouldn't happen in a Napoleonic battle!), these two giants of the Club pummelled each other to a pulp.

Friendly fire was a predominant theme for the evening with the most entertaining incident being when Andy's Horrors blew themselves up leaving Andy staring at the carnage muttering, 'Well, that never happened before'. How we laugh when a Wizard throws a double one during the magic phase....

However, victory goes to the side that is able to combine skill with a little good fortune. It says alot about this epic (no Bradley, not that kind of Epic) struggle that at the end of Turn Six, the score stood with Vince at 909 points and Andy at 912. It doesn't get much closer than that.

So, felicitations to the evil Daemons and down the tavern to drink and beat up some small creatures for the Orcs. Roll on the 2009 Warhammer League.

Next week is the following:

American-Mexican War: Brett, James, Trainset and Myself.

Se7en Years War (Volley & Bayonet): Rob, Brad, Vince and Andy K (plus Andy B and Stragglers?)

Parish Notices:

Most of you have probably already got the message, but from next week, Club Subs will be £2 in order for the Club to provide a nominal fee towards the use of the function room. Young Tom is going to be very busy....


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