Friday, February 27, 2009

Debrief for 25 February 2009

A night at Exmouth Wargames Club and not a hint of a 'magic phase' as both games played were historical (although, as discussed before, firing cannister at massed ranks is a sort of magic phase as it tends to make people disappear!).

Brett brought along his Mexicans and Americans (28mm) for a battle that saw some bitter fighting across a hedge that ended with the Mexicans eventually thrown back but rallied to form a second line of defence.

The tell tale linear formations give away the period for this battle as Rob brought in his Seven Years War (very small mm) regiments. Amid a flurry of hat doffing, it did not really matter who won this battle because the French Revolution will upset the whole European applecart!

Next Week:

American Civil War with Brad, Chris and Bookmark.
Hordes with James, Trainset and room for two others.
Napoleonic Naval with Rob (is there any period he hasn't got?), Dave G and anyone else who fancies themselves as a bit of a Hornblower (put your hand down, Robin).

Gossip Column:

James (if it ain't metal in ain't real wargaming) said the following, "I must confess that I like the look of the Victrix plastic Napoleonics". The stunned silence was shattered when James spontaneously imploded.


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