Thursday, March 26, 2009

Debrief for 25 March 2009

The 'Something Else' Game booked last week turned out to be a late 15th Century scenario that for the first eight turns had both armies having a world record staring competition as some abysmal generalship dice throws failed to get either side moving. Understandable really - those battles could get quite nasty so who wants to rush into ouch time?

In amongst the constantly moving asteroid fields there seems to be a Necron Civil War going on - I try to avoid playing this game because I always end up parking my ship on an asteroid.

It's Hornblower but not as we know it. A Franco-Spanish treasure laden fleet (closest to camera) is tasked to make a dash to the far end of the table. The Royal Navy (furthest away) sails to intercept it. Battle has already commenced between the respective vanguards.

We had to include the conclusion of this shameful engagement as the uncharacteristically aggressive Franco-Spanish leave the British Fleet looking like a garden shed after a drunken bar-b-que. What would Nelson have said?

Next Week:

Future War: Rob, Mick and Bradley.

Napoleonic Naval: Chris, Tony, Myself, Bookmark, Tom, Gregg and Brett.

40K (Postponed from this week): Vince and Andy B.

Warhammer Border Patrol: James, Trainset, Bob (volunteered in absentia), Andy G.

Parish Notice:

Warhammer League 09 Army Lists to be e-mailed to Brett by 1 June, please.


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