Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Games for March 11th

In the absence of a grown up, here's the blog entry.

This week saw a lamentable ammount of "proper" wargames, including FPW, Nappy naval and ACW. Only the LOTR in top bar saved the club from disgrace - try harder, gentleman.

Next Week -

T - Close Quarter Battles (Phil, Brett, Trainset, Bookmark, Vince and Andy G)
Vietnam (Tom, Greg, Chris and scribble [new member, Mark?])
Something else - (Bradley, Rob, Tony, Andy B)
S - laughter, dice rolling, beer drinking, high levels of personal abuse. Hopefully a French defeat.
D - Likely to be too much "proper" wargaming again.
A - Let them get on with it.
N - Must play Hordes, GASLIGHT, or ideally Worms very soon
C - must remember, it's only a game!


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