Friday, March 20, 2009

Debrief for 18 March 2009

It only seemed right and proper that seeing how we had our French guest, Pierre, visit tonight that we should put on a Napoleonic scenario to make him feel at home. There were plenty of 'Vive L'Empereur' moments and Pierre departed convinced that the British really are insane.

What's Austrian for 'They're behind you!'?

Instead of the 40K game as planned, Vince brought in that all time favorite, Wings of War, with players vainly trying to get their flying machines at the right time at the right place to achieve that killer shot complete with player generated authentic sound effects (dakka-dakka-dakka: cue debate about the correct sound made by First World War machine guns).

'Craaaaaaaaaap!!!'. This is why pilots should have parachutes but, according to Baron Von Blackmore, parachutes are for poofs and besides, it's less than three feet from the table top to the floor.

James and Trainset were sat quietly at their own little table and I thought, 'Great, Crusades - historical'. And then I saw the Stargate. 'Well, it is kind of historical', says James which is not helped when Rob calls across from the other table that The Clone Wars were historical 'cos they made a film about it so it must be true.

This is the moment James won the battle. I was more impressed by what he made the Stargate out of - answers on a postcard will be duly ignored. (It's a petrol cap, by the way!).

A Steam Tank about to run over some famished looking infantry identifies this as a game of Warhammer.

Waterloo was never like this......

Games for next week:

Napoleonic Naval: Chris, Tom, Bookmark and myself.
40K: Vince and Andy B.
BFG: Robin, James, Bradley and Trainset.
Something with Aliens: Mick and Dude.
Something else probably without aliens: Brett and Rob.

Parish Notices:

The Warhammer League 2009 will commence in July. As discussed, there will be no named characters this time around. The belligerents will be as follows:

James - Warriors of Chaos.
Mick - Warriors of Chaos.
Bookmark - Skaven.
Bradley - Ogres.
Trainset - Lizards.
Vince - Orcs and Goblins.
Robin - Tomb Kings or Ogres.
Myself - Empire (the only half normal army!)
Dude - TBC.
Andy G - Chaos Daemons (Boo! Hiss!!).
Bob - Dwarfs (New bloke - welcome to the Club).
Brett - Dark Elves (if required to balance the numbers).


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