Thursday, April 02, 2009

Debrief for 1 April 2009

It's Future War - tiny scale.

Brad's unique wargamers ruler for Legionary 09. The next job is to list 101 ways that you can use your Bradometer.

G20 protestors missed by the BBC cameramen.

Orcs close in on the Imperial Guard.

With a fistful of dice like this, it can mean only one thing.....

....Triple Shotted with Master Gunner Napoleonic Naval! Incredibly, the Spanish ship with lots of fuego markers was still afloat at the end of the battle which is more than can be said for the British ship firing at it (incidentally, a Franco-Spanish Fleet victory - again!!).

Warhammer: Chaos v Chaos = Absolute Chaos.

Terrain issues - MEDIC!!

Games for next week:

Wings of War (Second World War): Bookmark, Chris, Rob, Tony, Vince, Andy B.

Warhammer Fantasy: Tom and Brad.

Something that will involve dice and carnage: Brett, Trainset and James (who says that he has nothing against plastic figures).


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