Friday, April 17, 2009

Debrief for 15 April 2009

This Wednesday evening was one of those evenings when you get home afterwards and wonder if everyone at the Club is actually stark raving bonkers - you then look at yourself in the mirror and realise with horror that you are one of them too!

My suspicions were first aroused after last week when James posted the update in my absence. An e-mail then turned up regarding the proposed Second World War game with promises of The Panzer Lied song accompanied by obligatory stamping of feet (if you have seen the Battle of the Bulge film - you will know what I mean). All bluff and posturing, I think rather naively.

The night of the game arrives and the last model panzer is hardly placed when there it is - The Panzer Lied song that someone (who will remain anonymous) has on their mobile phone. Then, the model Stuka arrives on the scene and, guess what? The strains of Ron Goodwin's wonderful Luftwaffe March can be heard from same said mobile phone. This is then made worse by another anonymous club member saying, 'Oh yeah, I've got that one on my phone as well as a ring tone...'. As I said, they are all stark raving bonkers. On a serious note, however, it does prove somewhat that the bad guys always have the best tunes - just listen to The Imperial March in Star Wars - pure evil accompanied by a snappy tune!

With the strains of German martial music still ringing in our ears, the remaining games were as follows:

The Club Boxer Rebellion Game had an airing with a new set of homespun rules being developed 'on the hoof' so to speak in readiness for Legionary 09.

The result was absolute carnage at the barricades that left everyone dead apart from three French sailors at the far end of the Legations who were left wondering who was going to clear up all the mess and Dave Fielder (from the Exmouth Wargames Club - Portsmouth Detachment) staring at all his German and American marines who were lying around the table looking like unwanted cocktail snacks.

Staying in the Far East albeit sixty years later was this game set in Vietnam with the Americans trying to bridge a river with the Vietcong (approaching from the right in this aerial reconnaissance picture) pouring in around their ears

But the 'getting chippy choppied the most' award goes to James's sole remaining character who can just about be seen here in the middle of this nasty bunch of blokes dressed in matching dressing gowns.

Next week:

40K (1500 point): Mick and Greg.
Warhammer Quest: James, Andy G, Rib, Chris, Bookmark and Andrew.
20mm Malburian (also known as 'Napoleonic in slow time'): Brett, Trainset, Vince and Brad.
Zombies: Bob, Tom and Tony.


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