Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Games for 15th april

In the absence of both the Seccy and the Treasurer; several games were played tonight. I lost GASLIGHT, obviously, although not by 3 goals to 1! Bradley won WFB and treated me and Bookmark to a dice by dice replay in the bar later; and some people flew planes. Including Knuckles.

Next week - my birthday; gifts and pints Stella welcome;

Lord of the Rings Battle Companies - JDE and Bradley
Something Hysterical - Brett, Phil, Trainset and Andy G
WFB 1500 points - Robin and Bob the new bloke
Vince, Andy B, Bookmark and Tom - Flames of War
Rob H/Chris/Knuckles and stragglers - whatever Rob brings down (sorry Rob!)

Have a lovely week. Cakes at Rougemont on Wednesday lunchtime.


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