Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Games for 29th April '09

No photos this week as our secertary has gone north across the border muttering something about skirts...

This week saw the Heroquest players dice throwing up to its usual standard, terrible!

On another table a Space Marine force, or what was left of it, retired off the field of battle after the end of turn two due to major losses against the Eldar firepower and Harlequins...

The zombies seemed to have fed well this evening as the human survivors raced for the helicopter.

And the final game was a very nice looking Lace Wars which all the players seemed to thouroughly enjoy (be warned though, they dont like it when you mention that they all seem to be wearing highwaymen hats...).

Next week we have-

Boxer Rebellion- Brett, Phil, Trainset and Chris

40k- Robin, Mick and Andy

Warhammer- James , Bradley and Bookmarc

Volley and Bayonet- Vince, Rob, Tom, Knuckles and possibly Gregg

Please remember, club t-shirts and best behaviour for our possible guest next week (somebody will need to gag Robin- at both ends!) :-)

We also need two volunteers to play Warhammer against our two newest members Bob and Kieron on Weds 6th May.

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I love this blog!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for those photos!