Thursday, May 21, 2009

Debrief for 20 May 2009

Into the Valley of Death road the six hundred....American-Mexican style.

Pirates of the Caribbean engage more closely.

Nasty things in the woods in this game of Retinue.

Two definitions of having a bad day: Retinue version....

.....and Wings of War version.

At first you think this is a normal game, and then you see the soldier with the flame thrower and the Steam Tank poking it's nose out of the trees and we realise it's the Heretics playing Gas Light. (Nice helmets, though!).

And Exmouth Wargames Club steams forward into the future.

Next week is the Annual General Meeting at which the Club will take stock of the previous year and have a look at the coming year. One of the agenda items will be the voting in of a new committee. Candidates are as follows:

Chairman: James and Andy B.
Secretary: Mick.
Treasurer: Bookmark and Bradley.

Games for 3 June 2009 will be:
Dungeons and Dragons: Chris, Andrew, Trainset, Rob, Bookmark, Andy Glen (tbc), Tom (tbc) and Neil (tbc).
Close Quarter (Modern): Phil, Vince and Bradley.

This is pretty much my final entry on the Blog as Secretary before making way for my successor. Thanks to everyone for putting on games that look good on camera and for taking the time to read my drivel. It would not be right for me to stand down without a look forward that comes in the form of a Zulu War game being organised by Rob on 10 June 2009 based on the Battle of Nyezane (and if you throw a one on the dice, you lose the keys to the ammo boxes and we all go home!).

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