Thursday, May 14, 2009

Games for 20 May 2009

I missed last night as I am partaking in the joys of the seasonal flu (Devonshire variety as supposed to Mexicanshire!) - nothing that a few cups of brandy and gunpowder won't sort out, but it would be ungentlemanly to share it with everyone. The Chief Scout, however, has informed me that the following altercations will take place next week:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Mick, Bookmark, Dude and Robin

Gaslight: James and Trainset

Retinue: Chris, Andrew, Tony and Tom

Wings of War: Vince and Andy B

Mexican-American War: Brett, myself, Rob and Bradley

And as a look forward, on Wednesday 3 June, Chris will be running D&D with Dude, Bookmark, Rob, Andrew, Trainset and Brett.


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