Thursday, May 07, 2009

Legionary 09: Picture Special

A few images from Legionary 09 - enjoy.

Never one to miss a photo opportunity!!

Overview of the Lower Exam Hall.

A desert holiday.

Ah, proper wargaming!

North Africa 1943.

East Africa 1895.

Those men on white horses.....

Winter Olympics.

The road signs here are very clear.

Pirates of Penzance.

Britons going on a picnic.

French-Indian War.

Predator hunting.

Be vewy, vewy qwiet - I'm hunting Amewicans...

Agincourt - the Nightmare!

A Tale of Two Tables: The Ying and Yang of Wargaming. The Ying....

 table along, the Yang!

My God, are they unpainted?!

Meanwhile, upstairs the Tournaments rage.

The Raffle.

Targets front...

Carnage in China.

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