Thursday, June 11, 2009

Debrief for 10 June 2009

Whilst the Dungeons and Dragons participants battled with the Dungeon Master, 20mm Allied troops did battle with German Falschirmjager on 1942 Crete in 1942. So, a quiet night (unless you are the crew of the light tank who got taken out by a single shot from an AT Rifle - the only thing that went right for the Germans all night!).

Next week we have the return of the new Secretary so stand by. In the meantime, games for next week:

Flames of War World War Two: Vince, Tom, Andy B and Vince's mate.

Warhammer: Mick and Robin.

40K: Neil and Gregg.

Hordes of the Things / Song of Blades and Heroes (Hordes for Thickies apparently!): Bradley and James.

Zulu War (USUTHU!): Rob, Brett, Myself, Trainset, Chris and Bookmark.

Until then, Sala kahle.


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