Thursday, July 16, 2009

Game debrief for 15 July 2009

Uncle Mick was working last night, so it's me again.

Napoleon fighting his way back to France through Austrians and Bavarians (or Australians and Bulgarians if you are Tom...)

Polish winged Hussars charge to stop the Ottomans from overunning Europe.

A Warhammer 'friendly' before their official Tournament Game. Apparently this evening, one learnt how not to do things - and that is not always a bad thing. (Where have I heard that before?).

Next week:
Mordheim: James and Trainset.
Warhammer League: Mick and Bookmark.
Afghan Modern: Tom, Greg, Andrew and Myself.
Something 'pretty' and 'Swedish': Rob, Brad and Brett. I am surprised there weren't more volunteers ;-)

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