Sunday, July 05, 2009

Weekly report and games for 8-7-09

Sorry for the delay in posting the weekly report this week, work seriously stopped play...

A few of the guys tried out Sideshow's modern Afghan rules. Here we see the Americans checking out a possible Taliban hiding place...

Here we see the result of the Taliban detonating all the explosives they had placed in the building... (luckily the troops had their Weetabix that morning!)

The next game was a very nice Malburlian game, unknown result but the figures are pretty!

Here we have another very nice game from Brett associated with the colonies, this time its the American War of Independance in 10mm.

Finally we have a picture of an Ogre army with its Great Gut god behind (who said Ogres weren't real...!)

Next week we have:

Wars of Religion- Rob, Vince, Brett & Andy B.

Modern Afghan- Sideshow, Tony, Phil (open for others)

Hordes/SoBaH- James & Trainset

D&D (or something else)- Chris, Dude & Gregg (open for others)

This weeks poser-

'I'm here to chew gum and kick ass, and I'm all out of gum...'

Til the next time, Mick

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