Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekly Update and Games for 29-7-09

Sorry no pictures this week due to a technical fault, my camera battery died and I cant find the charger anywhere... :-s

This week we had another nice looking 17th century game set somewhere in Europe. The uniforms back then were so pretty, they must of hated battles on rainy days as the mud would of totally ruined the ensemble...

There was another incursion into Afghanistan without icebergs this time (lets hope they'll be back soon). This also started a debate about trees in Afghanistan, if there are any there what sort? The lesser known Afghany Oak? The Kabul Conifer?

Two bands of warriors decided to duke it out in Mordheim. That place really needs a B&Q...

And finally the first Warhammer league battle was fought between the Skaven and Warriors of Chaos. Each turn ended up with the opposite army winning so it was only right that it ended up as a draw (with over two thirds of each army lost!). I found out an important thing at the end stages of the battle, my dice hate an audience. They may be random number generators but it seems mine are shy ones that dont like showing off by rolling high when needed or low when needed...

Next week we have:

G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.- James, Andy B, Trainset & Rob

Warhammer (non league)- Bradley & Tom

AWI- Brett, Vince, Bookmarc & Andy G

A 'Mick' Game- Mick, Robin & Chris

This weeks quote- 'Its a mother loving bridge...'
Answers should be in the form of another quote from the same film this week as there are plenty more... :-)

Til the next time, Mick

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