Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekly update and games for 2-9-09

Another week with photo's! Mind you they may be missing for the next three weeks as work stops play for me again :-(

Firstly we have a picture of the 'friendly' between Chaos Daemons and Skaven. They may be evil but those Daemons sure are pretty colours!

In the 'non-friendly' league game between Warriors of Chaos and Skaven the knights and their champion laugh at the rat ogres (not realising the suprise making their way towards them...)
It must be noted that James (the WoC player) hates his dice so much he even said about them on his Facebook page!

Here the WWII Germans again encounter robots who want to 'terminate' them, you'd think they would have learnt their lesson last time. Mind you they didn't learn after WWI...

Finally a blast from the past in the form of 'Apocalypse' the old board game from GW. Here the Balkans have just entered nuclear winter...

Next week we have:

GASLIGHT- Trainset, Brett and (possibly) James

Fury of Dracula- Vince, Bookmarc, Andy and Tom

Ancient- Rob, Bradley, Chris and Knuckles

This weeks quote- '...and Shorty?' A bit cryptic but if no guesses I will add others :-)

Until the next time, Mick

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