Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekly Update and Games for 26-8-09

Photo's again this week! I do spoil you all...

First we have a picture of Chris's sci-fi skirmish where a group of WWII Germans have an encounter with robots who want to 'terminate' them...

Here we see the result of a Necron force that decided to stand and shoot against an Ork horde, more scrap metal for the mekaniks...

A close up of the action on the Pirates of the Beachcomber Bar game where Bookmarc managed to push Knuckles off the top of the naval game 'cock-ups' by shooting at AND sinking his own ship!!!

Finally a look down the length of the Pirates game. Historical? Maybe not. Hollywood? Definately! And fun!!!

Next week we have:

Warhammer League- James and Bradley

Warhammer Friendly- Andy and Bookmarc

Apocalypse (boardgame)- Vince, Mick and possibly Robin

Something Historical- Everyone else. You get to decide amongst yourselves you lucky people...

This weeks quote- 'On my signal, unleash hell!'

Until the next time, Mick

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