Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun and games for 16/09/09

Hello folks - in Mick and Phil's absence (not off together, or so they say) - here's what did, didn't and will happen....

What did happen - despite Tom's excellent leadership, the Americans lost to the Italians in Rapid Fire. Must be down to gap in class between the armies.

Bradley's game of Epic involved more dice than tanks, and (rumor had it) reached turn 2!

Mark played Mark in the league, only got a draw. Well done Mark; but Mark could have done better.

Games for next week

1. Warhammer League Game - Robin & Trainset (6ft)

2. ? - Tony & Tom (4ft)

3. Memoir 44 - James, Brett & Bookmark

4. Wars Of The Roses - Rob, Gregg, Vince & Bradley (6ft)

This weeks somewhat obscure entry in a silly contest - "Machines don't understand sacrifice - neither do morons. "


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