Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly Update And Games For 28-10-09

More pictures this week for you all! :-)

The Mad Mahdi's camel brigade charged the English line, but they stood firm...

And this is the remnants of the camel brigade... Huzzah!!!

It seemed to be a troubling week for the British Empire as the Afghans had started as well...

The Chaos champion realised that wearing full plate armour while riding a Juggernaut was maybe not such a good idea as metal conducts heat really well...

Next week we have:

40k- Robin and Simon

40k- Vince and Andy

Battle Companies- Bradley and James

D&D- Andy G, Brett, Trainset, Chris, Bookmarc and Knuckles

Frag- Mick, Rob, Tony and Connor

This weeks quote- 'Want to know more?' (remember, if you know what film it is reply with a quote from the same film...)

Until next time, Mick

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