Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekly Update and Games for 4-11-09

Still here for another week! Almost becoming a habit now...

This week saw the Uruk Hai of James take on Bradleys Warriors of Harad. Unfortunately dice were involved so the Uruks were slaughtered...

Simons Kroot lurk in the woods trying to figure out if the opposition is chaotic, mutant, Marines or not...

Robins non chaotic, mutant, Marines, honest! They just happen to have red armour...

A Guards eye view of WAARGH VINCE!

Andy's Guard stand ready to repel WAARGH VINCE!

Next week we have:

Zombies!/Humans!- Mick, Robin, Connor, Andy G and 'new guy'

40k- Simon and Gregg

Something historical (probably to do with America)- Brett and Trainset

WWI Wings of War- Vince and Andy B

19th Century Afghan- Tony, Chris and Phil

Hordes and MtG- James (head deviant), Bookmarc (acolyte deviant), Bradley and Rob (deviants in training)

This weeks quote- 'We're going to need a bigger boat...'

Until the next time, Mick

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