Saturday, October 03, 2009

Weekly Update and Games for 7-10-09

Pictures for two weeks in a row! You are spoilt!!!

Here we have a view from the guns as those crazy Europeans try to decide who's religion is best, a case of 'kill them all and let God sort them out!'

The terminator lined up his stormbolter, pulled the trigger and 'click'. Not a good time for it to jam!!!

Next week we have:

Ancients- Rob and Vince

AWI- Brett, Bookmarc, Andy and the now mythical Trainset

Victorian era Afghanistan- Tony and Chris

Epic- Bradley and Gregg

This weeks quote- 'I'm sorry mate'
'Thats ok'
'No. I'm sorry mate'

Thats it for this week. Work stops play again next week for me...
Til the next time, Mick

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