Monday, November 30, 2009

Games for 02/12

This Wednesday (according to our stand in stand in Secretary)

Bradley & Andy G - Warhammer

Robin & Mick - Warhammer

These two games need to finish - can who ever's there first get tables set up please?

? & ? - 40K

Not sure what's happening with one as Simon isn't here - set up a 4' table for them

James, Bookmark & Neil - Hordes & Magic

A couple of 2 x 2 boards please

Brett & ? - ?

Who knows.

Rob, Vince, Tony & Andy B - Ancients

I think this was to be the 4' desert table but could be wrong.

See you there.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Games for 25/11

This week - small nicely painted colonials marched around a farm...

There was another game of Skaven vs Chaos, that ended the usual way...

And a top down view of some sentinel on stormtrooper action.

Next week -
40K on one 6 x 4 - Brett, Trainset, Andy H, Robin, Bradley, Simon.
WW2 in teeny scale - Chris, Bookmark, Vince - 6 x 4.
Arkham Horror - Dude, JDE, Andy K
We also need to take the Boxer stuff for the show next weekend.
The following week - Colin wants to play Simon at 40K.
One table spare for wandering strangers. If anyone reading this attends the club and wants to join the mailing list, email ExWarSoc-subscribe at yahoogroups dot com with a proper introduction and we'll sort you out.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Games Played to date 2009


To inform the current terrain discussions.....

WFB 22
WH 40K 12
Others 10
D&D 6
Napoleonic 6
WW2 5
Epic 5
Other Colonial 5
Hordes 5
Wings of War 5
Naval 4
At Close Quarters 4
Mordheim 3
Space Hulk 3
Impetus 3
Boxer Rebellion 3
Modern 3
Marlburian 2
Future War Commander 2
Necromunda 2
Mexican American War 2
Vietnam 2
Chris's Scifi skirmish 2
Warmaster Ancients 1
Grand Alliance 1
7 years war 1
Song of Blades 1
Retinue 1
Pony Wars 1
War of the Roses 1
War Machine 1

As an aside, last year we played 163 games in total - this year we've already played 158.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Games for 18/12/2009

So this week, Mick missed -
The Dark elves nearly getting a TPK in Quest, thwarted only by Bradley's Celestial Wizard beating damn near half of them to death with a telescope.
Andy B gets to use a flamer for once, and in the excitement gets his template all over the table.
The Nappy players go from serious wargaming to advanced geometry [apparently this was "about to be a clusterf##k" - shame I missed that, it looks so organised there].
Greg had a painted figure to show off. Yes, that Greg. No, really. He'll base it next year.
The Orks camoflaged the Trukk for the wrong table.

Next week -

WFB League game - JDE and Phil
Something Historical - Brettt, Bradley and TNMT (no, I meant The Now Mythical Trainset, anyone shouting Heroes in a Half Shell at him is just rude).
40K - Andy B and Vince. Again.
Talisman - everyone else. No, really.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekly Update and Games for 11-11-09

Sorry, no photos this week as not been able to get on my home computer...

Games for next week are as follows:

Warhammer league game- Robin and Mick

40k- Vince and Andy B

Warhammer Quest- James, Gregg, Rob, Bradley, Chris, Dude and BookMark.

Something historical and probably to do with America- Brett and Trainset

This weeks quote- '...those blaster marks are to precise.'

Until next time, Mick

Thursday, November 05, 2009

American Hordes

Thank you to Rob, Bradley, BookMark and Brett for the first playtest of my precontact American stuff... here's some pictures of what Trainset missed...

The scenery was worth the effort but didn't show up well in the other photos....

Massed Tlaxcallan archers prepare to show that I got the shooting factors a bit wrong....
Aztecs prepare to not hold the river bank.

Bradley's Zapotecs engage in a "swirling melee", ie a complete mess.

The French errect a monument to Brett not playing Napoleonics.