Thursday, November 12, 2009

Games for 18/12/2009

So this week, Mick missed -
The Dark elves nearly getting a TPK in Quest, thwarted only by Bradley's Celestial Wizard beating damn near half of them to death with a telescope.
Andy B gets to use a flamer for once, and in the excitement gets his template all over the table.
The Nappy players go from serious wargaming to advanced geometry [apparently this was "about to be a clusterf##k" - shame I missed that, it looks so organised there].
Greg had a painted figure to show off. Yes, that Greg. No, really. He'll base it next year.
The Orks camoflaged the Trukk for the wrong table.

Next week -

WFB League game - JDE and Phil
Something Historical - Brettt, Bradley and TNMT (no, I meant The Now Mythical Trainset, anyone shouting Heroes in a Half Shell at him is just rude).
40K - Andy B and Vince. Again.
Talisman - everyone else. No, really.


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