Saturday, November 21, 2009

Games for 25/11

This week - small nicely painted colonials marched around a farm...

There was another game of Skaven vs Chaos, that ended the usual way...

And a top down view of some sentinel on stormtrooper action.

Next week -
40K on one 6 x 4 - Brett, Trainset, Andy H, Robin, Bradley, Simon.
WW2 in teeny scale - Chris, Bookmark, Vince - 6 x 4.
Arkham Horror - Dude, JDE, Andy K
We also need to take the Boxer stuff for the show next weekend.
The following week - Colin wants to play Simon at 40K.
One table spare for wandering strangers. If anyone reading this attends the club and wants to join the mailing list, email ExWarSoc-subscribe at yahoogroups dot com with a proper introduction and we'll sort you out.

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vic said...

Hi Guys
good to see that you have a thriving club. I shall be at Reveille next week selling off my library. If anyone wants something I can forward listings. I am coming from Normandy so cannot bring everything with me. No obligation to buy.
take care