Thursday, December 23, 2010

Games for 29th December 2010

The winter weather led to concerns about how many people would make the meeting and how long those that got there would stay, so table games replaced the scheduled running order. That said 9 members fought their way to the bar.

As it was Christmas Bookmarc, as Treasurer, found he had friends for once. All enjoyed a curry or burger + drink on the club and the landlord was smiling !

After much muttering between James and Bradley, James offered to show Bookmarc, Andy G, Tony and Knuckles some puppies he had upstairs. Once up there he opened his coat to show them what he had got. At this point Tony ran screaming to the bar, but the others were so traumatised they went along with his game and played, spit, Magic.

Luckily Sideshow, Andy B and myself had evaded James' trap and we played the much more sensible "Groo".

Next Weeks Games:

Given the weather a night of table games was agreed. Andy B is bringing "Incursion" (Zombie Nazis in Gibraltar. Why Gibraltar ?), and no doubt James will again attempt to corrupt the innocent. So if you don't fancy those, bring something else. Now don't tell me you haven't got a few table games Mick !


Next week agreed a Free Week.

Club to give staff card + £20 for Christmas (not done as no one had a card. Mick has the card ?).

Last Weeks Quote:

Well, Predator of course. Only Tom has an excuse for not having seen this film when it was released, although frankly if Tony didn't include it as part of his upbringing then shame on him !

This Weeks Quote:

"Think of death and you are no longer sure of your life. It's a Hebrew proverb."


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weekly Round Up and Games for 22-12-10

As both Secretaries were away this week I've had to step in but I refuse to wear the skirt in the condition James has left it in...

This week had two games and some deviants in a dark corner playing with cards...

The Ottoman Turks pushed their way into Europe via Vienna with much loud discussion on both sides while in the 40k game the Imperial Guard faced off against... the Imperial Guard with no loud discussion (non-histerical gamers are so much more civilised...).

Next week we have:

FOW- Andy B, Vince, Rob, Bookmarc, Tony and Tom.

FIW- Brett and Trainset.

Frag- Mick, Robin, James, Bradley and possibly Jamie.

Next week will be a free week and the club will be paying for some drinks and snacks for the attendees.

The club also agreed to give the bar staff £20 in an xmas card as a thank you.

Last weeks quote was from the classic 'National Lampoons Animal House' for the uninitiated.

This weeks quote:

'I ain't got time to bleed...'

Normal service should be resumed next week (although I would get a new skirt Vince!), Mick

Friday, December 10, 2010

Games for 08/12/10

Right then. Back in the secretarial skirt... wash it when you're done, eh boys?

That aside we had three games this week - a certain hippy returned to show off some more nicely painted 20mm Nappies, Rob introduced Knuckles and Jamie to the policies of the ECW, and I introduced Bradley to Santa. Repeatedly.

Next week we have more HotT action, plus Magic and something else, for JDE, Bookmark, Bradley and Jamie. Brett, Trainset, Mike and Rob are playing 17th century Ottomans, Mick and Robin are playing 40K, and the rest of you can sort yourselves out - maybe a nice league game?

Knuckles quote of the week, when asked what game his vampires were for "The one where the figures are on the bases"

Film quote of the week - "Was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbour?"



Thursday, December 02, 2010

Games for 8th December 2010

Last night saw a good turn out with 3 games running.

In D & D the party fought a lobster. What sort of lives do you have to lead, to consider fighting a lobster adventurous ?

In the Ancients game, the Romans and Carthagians still had everything to play for and Mick wasn't sure about the rules (in any sense of the word !).

What can I say about Bradley's Epic game ? When I left at 10-30 p.m they were still on turn 2.

I understand Bradley may have an Epic rule book for sale. Well used, except for the section on victory conditions, which is as new. No sensible offer accepted.

Knuckles of the Week Quote:

Goes to me. When faced with the prospect of an open flank if I could just break the Celts I said:

Vince -"If I cut this lot down I can pursue into the unit next to them."

Rob -"Those are your Velites."

Bloody six mil.

Next week we have:

Napoleonics - Phil (long haired hippy type) will be marshalling Brett, Trainset, Mike and Bookmarc as part of the "Historical Gamers Fight Back" campaign. Good luck is all I can say.

40K - Mick and Robin as part of the "Hysterical Gamers Fight Forwards" campaign.

ECW - Rob, Jamie and Knuckles will be trying to maintain impetus. I don't doubt Knuckles has a book on armies.

Hordes - Bradley and James, as they know not what they do.


The club "Squig Race" was well received at the Bristol show. Bradley and Mick gave all the traders and demo games Legionary 2011 leaflets. James reports that 2 booking have been received subsequentley.

A motion to provide Onion rings for members each week, at the clubs expense, was voted down. It was worth the time just to see the Treasurer's face !

Last Week's Quote:

It was indeed "The Lives of a Bengal Lancer". I suspect the Hitler reference may have been too much of a hint.

Ritual kicking for the member who suggested "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" !

This Week's Quote:

"Where's Goring ?"

"He's on his way."

"Well, when you are fat you don't move so fast."


Friday, November 26, 2010

Games for 1st December 2010

This week saw Mick guiding (?) the runners and riders around the Squig race course, in preperation for Bristol show this Sunday.

Mike, Brett, Trainset and Rob fought it out in the shadows of the pyramids. Last I saw the French looked to have the edge.

In the league Andy B's Dwarves were positively beastley to James.

In WOW Bookmarc and I took it in turns to shoot at a ruddy great balloon. It's more fun than it sounds. Honest !

Next week we have:

D & D - Andy G, Bookmarc, Trainset, Brett, James and Robin ?

Epic - Bradley tries to impress Greg with his 6 millimetres.

Ancients - Rome v Carthage - Rob, Vince, Roddy and Mick (are you sure ?)


Mick confirmed that the club will be running Squig Racing at Bristol show. Attendees and lifts all arranged.

Andy B wants to run a big FOW Barbarossa game on the 22nd December. Any takers ?

Last Weeks Quote:

Merrill's Marauders of course. You knew it, you just didn't want to boast.

This Weeks Quote from Hitler's favourite film:

"I suppose if it were your son you'd sit here too, like a dummy."

"No, I'd should probably have ordered the regiment out. But that's because I'm not the man the Colonel is. Nor the soldier."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Games for 24th November 2010

Last night saw me and James play a league game ! That we hadn't played in a while soon became evident, together with the fact that neither of us knew our armies. We muddled by in a good humoured fashion, taking the errors in good part (never make competition players). In the end the Ogres struggled through to a win.

In Necromunda Jamie took a beating and Robin was a big girl.

On the historical table some of the oldest figures still in existance (on e-bay they would say "Classic OOP") recreated the French invading Egypt. I don't know what happened, all I can say is Brett insisted on adopting a funny voice.

Meanwhile Bradley and Bookmarc engaged in a practice that was illegal when I was a lad.


The landlord asked for some pictures of games to be put on Exmouth's Facebook. I looked blank, but James clearly understood what he meant.

Mick confirmed that the Bristol participation "Squig Race" was to go ahead. Attendees: Mick, Vince, Bradley ?, James, Andy B ? (as a non participant !)

Next week we have:

Squig Racing: Mick, Robin ?, Bradley, Jamie, Roddy

Warhammer League: Andy B v James

French in Egypt: Mike, Brett, Trainset, Rob

Wing of War: Kempf v Ball, sorry Bookmarc v Vince

Last weeks quote:

"Guns at Batasi" - "THAT MAN !"

This weeks quote:

"How many times I have to tell you ? Tuck in your shirt."

"Why does my shirt bother you Sergeant ?"

"You look sloppy."

"Nobody said I looked sloppy in Batan."

"You ain't in Batan."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Games for 17th November 2010

This week saw 2 games, both fantasy.

In Pathfinder there was a "prep" session and Brett failed his Latin vocab.

Mick ran his new show participation game. Aimed at 8 year olds, Rob, Bradley, Tony and myself had trouble getting the hang of it ! Rob spent all game learning how to jump a hedge. At 9-30 he managed it.

AOB - Mike will runs a South American war of Liberation game. Brett, Rob and Trainset will compete to be Simon for the night.

James and I will "duke it out" in the league. I will be taking Ogres and James Beastmen. I expect it will be a subtle encounter.

Mick, Robin and Roddy will be playing Necromunda. I noticed they only decided that AFTER I had got a game.

Bradley said he will "take on all comers". I guess he was referring to the Epic game he will run for Bookmarc and Tony. My money is on two turns.

Next week James is due to play Andy B in the league if Andy fancies it. Say if not.


We met the new landlord and a pleasant chap he seems to be. He will open the upstairs loos in the next couple of weeks and is keen to keep us happy and accomodate us. I suggest we try to do likewise.

Last Weeks Quote:

Phil's favourite, "The Four Feathers"

This Weeks Quote:

"You execute a salute in the following manner. Raise the right hand by the longest route until the second finger rests one inch above the right eye. At the same time turn the head and your eyes in the direction of the officer. When one pace past the officer, return the eyes to the front and your hand to the right side by the sortest route. Is that CLEAR ?"

"Yes Sir."

"Right. Lets see you do it then lad. Come along, come along.Saluting by numbers. ONE, TWO, ONE, TWO."

If anyone doesn't like this film, then they are, well, wrong.


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Games for 2010 to date

Right then,

This is proabably not entirely accurate as I missed the start of the year and the odd day since - however, this is the list to date.

Fringe 13 (includes some board games, squig racing, Incursion, etc. It doesn't include M:TG)
WFB 10
WH 40K 9
Impetus 6
Napoleonic 5
7 years war 3
Hordes 3
Martian Empires 3
Ambush Alley 2
Mexican American War 2
Necromunda 2
Very British Civil War 2
Warmaster Fantasy 2
Wings of War 2
WW2 1
Flames of War 1
Hammerin Iron 1
Naval 1
Star Wars 1

Games for 10th November 2010

Last night there were 3 games.

Brett ran a 18th century 10mm bash and the Brits were looking good last I saw.

Mick put on "Squig Race" for the younger members and Robin. I'm not sure anyone knows what happened there, but all seemed to have a good time.

To celebrate the return of the T.V series I ran "Escape from Colditz". Rob and Bradley were detained (not the first time I would say) and I ran the guards. Some inventive stooging and diversions led to one of my men spending half the game locked in the toilet and Bradley being sent to solitary. Eventually the British and French double teamed one of my landsers, produced enough rope to rig H.M.S Victory and were away and free.
There then followed one of the most blatant pieces of gamesmanship I have ever seen. Rob flashed a "bribe" at one of the sentries and my man duly turned his back as a Brit ran off into the woods. Bradley then grassed up the fact that the card used was incorrect. Much consulting of the rules revealed that cheating was punishable by arrest and solitary for the prisoner in question. Unfortunately arrest is only possible in the castle or grounds and he was away and free ! In a fit of peak I arrested Bradley for being French and sent him to solitary instead.

A fourth game occupied all members. The rules were simple; defeat the Biblical plague of flies. Personally I think they were just late for Rob's Egyptian game last week. Luckily we found that the flies liked Brett !

Games for Next Week:

Pathfinder D & D:

Andy G, Brett, James, Trainset, Robin and Bookmarc

Squig Racing:

Mick, Rob, Vince, Bradley ? and Jamie

Magic (Spit):

Bradley ? if takers

I am sure Mick can saddle another Squig if required or if you don't like what you see bring something else.

AOB: Some discussion over Mick running Squig Racing at Bristol. If there was anything else I missed it whilst fighting off the flies !

Last Weeks Quote:

No takers, but it was "Team America: World Police"

This Weeks Quote:

"You laugh like an Englishman !"


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Games for 3rd November 2010

Last night saw 4 games and a hat full of players.

In "Incursion" Andy's remaining Yank made it to the exit, after the Zombies forgot where the door was. They must be brain dead ! It was rumoured Andy was seen using unpainted figures, but I couldn't possibly confirm that.

On the 19th century table, in a move that surprised no one, Brett took the French from behind at the first opportunity.

Rob went all biblical on us and ran Mycenaeans v Egyptians. Despite looting the baggage, the collapse of the Egyptian centre gave the day to the boys with the long poles.

In the league it looks like a good year for the rats, as Bookmarc chucked Robin out of the "Adult" section of the library. Not the first time I would guess.

AOB - Well, not much to say. There wasn't any.

Next week we have:

Robin, Mick and Connor ? racing Squigs. Connor looks to be the only one fit enough to give them a run for their money.

Bradley and Jamie with the possible addition of James will be playing, spit, Magic.

Brett and Trainset will be "doing something". That worries me.

In honour of "Colditz" being back on T.V I will run the "Escape from Colditz" board game (not the rubbish Invicta one. the one with the BIG swastika on the box !). The war will be over for Rob, Bookmarc, possibly Andy G and any "casuals attendees" unless they can get enough rope.

Last Weeks Quote:

A film with only 1 gun in it and that one not even loaded ? Shame on you Brett.

"Shaun of the Dead" to those who missed it.

This Weeks Quote:

"Do you have any idea how ****ing busy I am ?"


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Games for 20th October 2010

This week saw James showing everyone how to do it on Mars. As far as I can see that involved rolling low numbers on 2D6.

In Car Wars, all the combatants raced around the streets shooting and ramming other cars. Much like the Esplanade on a Saturday night really.

Bradley spanked Robin in the League. Robin blamed the dice, his army, the terrain and his parents. Naturally it was not his fault in any way.

In the east Stukas dived on the Soviet tanks, as they rushed to meet the panzers. Sadly lack of time stopped play just as it was getting interesting. Still, Andy's landships got an outing and so did my freshly painted (nearly wet !) Stug's.

The "Knuckles of the Week" quote comes, appropriately, from Knuckles. When asked by Rob if he knew his port from his starboard Knuckles replied:

"I'll read up on the Royal Navy."

Don't see how that will help, but well done anyway.


The pub announced they were trying "Winter Opening Hours". Allegedly this means closing at 10-00, although Mick later reported the pub was still allowing drinking up past that time. As an immediate response it was agreed to move the 9 O'Clock to closing time, either outside or in another pub. That way we should still be able to get in a good range of games.

Next Week We Have:

James takes on Andy G in the Warhammer League.

Jamie runs "Magic Draft" with Bookmarc and Bradley. Some silly card game apparently.

Rob will run a Napoleonic Naval game for Me, Tony and Knuckles. That should prove challenging.

Brett and Trainset will be doing something small and historical. What ? Sending children up chimneys ?

Last Weeks Quote:

The film based on the world's first spy novel "The Riddle of the Sands".

This Weeks Quote:

"Then I'm fit Sir ?"


"Where are you sending me, a stud farm ?"


Monday, October 11, 2010

Games for 13th October 2010

This week saw Bradley beat Bookmarc in the league. He must have warfarin resistant rats.

The Martian game was abandoned as the players missed James.

Kursk ended in a bloody draw.

Next Week we have:

Bradley trying to spank Robin in the league.

James showing Brett, Trainset and Rob how to do it on Mars.

Boommarc takes Mick, Tony and Jamie back to the 80's for a bit of Car Wars. I don't think Mick ever left the 80's.

In a change of plan Andy B tells me I am invading the Soviet Union. I voz only following orders....

AOB - None I guess.

Last Weeks Quote:

"Das Boot" was too easy for Mick.

This Weeks Quote:

"An interesting document, somewhat damaged by fire, lies on my study table. It is a copy, in cipher, of a memorandum to the German government."


Friday, October 01, 2010

Games for 06/10/10

This week saw an 18th century "what if" the Imperialists had lost the siege of Vienna. Ottomans under Sultan Bookmarc met Imperialists under Brett and Beef. Beef used an interesting tactic to lure the enemy into following him, described as "showing his a**e as he ran away". It must have worked as Bookmarc wore himself out and lost the game.

In "Sky Galleons of Mars", James lost. Again. Must have been the dice. Again.

In the Warhammer practice game, Bradley's Skaven took on the Ogres Bradley is lending me. Interesting game. I could get to like Ogres.

Next week we have:

Bradley's Rats v Bookmarc's Rats in the league. Warfarin all round then.

Panzerblitz - Mick takes me back to the 70's. I'm not wearing flares. Again.

Martian Empires - James, Brett, Trainset and Rob check out the canals.

Dr Who - Given Andy B missed out we thought we'd give him another chance to play Knuckles.

Anyone else coming needs to bring a game.

AOB - Mick announced he would not be running his Runequest campaign for the forseeable future

Rob asked for expressions of interest in a 4th Edition D & D game. So any interest ?

Last Weeks Quote:

It was from the "Wooden Horse". Nothing to do with "Troy", honest.

This Weeks Quote:

"Move this stuff now ! Clear the map ! I can't navigate on bananas."


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Games for 29th September 2010

A fair turnout last night saw 4 games being played.

In the Warhammer league Bradley's little rats trounced Dude's Chaos army.

Brett got that "chippy choppy" feeling in the French Indian war game.

Mick beat James twice, once with each army, just to prove James was pants. Better still he got him to agree to a re-match using Memoir '44. Same game mate, just different models. Same result ?

In the Wings of War game a couple of novice pilots (Andy G & Jamie) took to the skies with a experienced leader on each side (Bookmarc and Rob). Despite the repeated "rat-a-tat-a-tat" of the spandaus on Bookmarc's Fokker DR1 (not the toughest plane, but hideously manoeuverable and expertly piloted) the remains of Rob's plane (no rudder, damaged engine, shed loads of bullet holes) managed to successfully hit the balloon with a flight of rockets and the balloon promptly exploded ! Andy G was clearly on his way to becoming an Ace. As to Jamie, well I think Mr Kempf will be having words !

Now a new feature, the "Knuckle's" Award.This week it goes to Jamie for this little gem:

Jamie:"I need another altitude peg"

Umpire: "You're at 5 pegs. It's easier if everyone takes one off instead."

Umpire: "Not you Jamie."

Next week we have:

Trainset and James will be playing "Sky Galleons of Mars". What ?

Bradley will, to quote him, be "doing Robin", presumably followed by a cigarette and a Warhammer League game.

Mick will run a Dr Who open game with Dude and Jamie and Andy B, Mike and Duncan if they are there.

Rob will take Bookmarc, Brett and me back to the War of the Grand Alliance to "Volley & Bayonet".

AOB - Agreed Mick to run his Dr Who game at Bristol on Sunday 28th November.

Warhammer league games need to be played regularly to be finished by Christmas (slapped legs secretary).

Bradley kindly agreed to lend me his Ogre army, as my Orc's take an age to set up !

Last Weeks Quote:

Von Ryan's Express, which Mick got. I think everyone else knew but were too embarassed to admit watching it.

This Weeks Quote:

"Ah, Beethoven. He is a good German."

"Yes.He's dead."


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good turnout this week.

In the warhammer league Andy G's bad Pixies beat Andy G's Stunties.

On the 7 Years war table the Austrians resisted the Prussian advances. That's Mike black balled then.

Lord only knows what happened in Mick's pirate game. All I can tell you is that Mick was saying "Yaarr" a lot and Robin was wearing a girly hat. Come to think of it I think he usually wears that.

Next week we have:

French Indian War - Brett & Trainset

Warhammer League - Bradley's Rats v Dude's Good Pixies

Wings of War - Bookmarc, Rob, Jamie and Duncan attempt to fly around a **** off great balloon. Go careful now, that was kind of pricey !

Mick & James attempt to locate Fanny by Gaslight. Happy hunting boys.

AOB - Bookmarc reported that trees and scenery had been purchased for the club at Colours. It was no surprise that Bookmarc negotiated a discount. He will get a discount from the ferryman on the river Styx.
"Two coins ? I'm only going one way. I'll give you one coin."

Last Weeks Quote:

A trap set for Mick. It sounded like it was from "The Eagle Has Landed", but was actually from the film it was based on "Went the Day Well". Well done Mick for spotting it.

This Weeks Quote:

Now we got us a bird Colonel.
A bird Colonel out ranks a bird brain, clear ?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Games for 15th September

Fair turnout last night, with 3 games running.

On the Supremacy table the Africans set sail and took over the world. Well done Bookmarc. The Europeans under Rob just managed to crash the stock market.

On the AWI table the Brits won through and the revolution was crushed. Huzzah !

Meanwhile in the Star Wars universe Robin narrowly avoided eating the salad in his burger. The shock meant his rebels got spanked by Obi Wan and co., the Imperium did their best to restore order, the scum behaved appropriately and James took his bison for a walk.

Next week we have:

Andy G's Bad Pixies v Andy B's Vertically Challenged Hirsute Types in the Warhammer league. Sounds incestous to me.

Mick celebrates "speak like a pirate" day with a game of pirates. Who'd have thought ? Jamie, Robin, Duncan, Bookmarc, Trainset, James and Bradley all say Yarrr !

Rob & Vince play some horse and musket thing. No one will say "Yarr !".


James announced he didn't do as badly as usual in the HOTT competition. Well done, I think.

The club agreed to let Brett and Bookmarc loose at Colours with £150 of the clubs money. The rider is they have to spend it on trees and roads for the club and they DON'T HAVE to spend it all. Recipts for the bar will not be accepted.

Last Weeks Quote:

Southern Comfort of course.

This Weeks Quote:

"Obey my orders and you will not be harmed. Any person who attempts to escape or communicate with the outside world will be shot.
Is that clear ?"

Hands up all those who think it is a line from Mick's pirates game ?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Games for 8th September

Another big turnout last night, but just two games running.

Half the club delved into the inner workings of the part of Bookmarc's mind that stores "fantasies". I've no idea what was in there, but Andy G was heard muttering about what to do "when we are dead". Well, decay slowly springs to mind mate.

Back in the real world the club nazis invaded Poland (had to be done on September 1st). Mick showed his true colours and joined Andy B in attempt to crush the white eagle state defended by Brett, Duncan and James (yes, I was surprised too. I had James down as a German). Robin failed to show, after he found out that the Poles didn't have any multi meltas.

Suffice to say the German progress across the board looked assured until armoured train Smialy turned up and spanked the leading panzer platoon. There followed some of the best die rolling of the game as stukas and artillery strikes hit the train, followed by dreadful saving throws from Duncan for the assault platoon aboard the train (roll 6 die, 5+ to save, no saves rolled). Net result one wrecked train, one dead assault platoon.

The final throw of the dice was Brett attempting a mounted charge with lancers on the recce bike platoon. (No, 20th century Brett). It was a brave attempt and the boys were up for it but 15 dice of mg fire hitting on 4's hurts.

Next week we have:

Supremacy (open game) run by Duncan with Andy G, Bookmarc and Rob.

Star Wars by Mick with James, Vince, Robin and Jamie

Mexican American with Brett and Trainset.

Last Weeks Quote:

A toughie and only Mick was sad enough to claim the prize of an evening for two in a local restaurant. I hope he enjoys his night in the Bath House with Robin. The answer was of course Battle Star Galactica (remake).

This Weeks Quote:

Why are we following this dumb b*st*rd ?
Because he's got stripes.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Games for 01/09/10

I'm back ! Thanks to Mick for stepping into the skirt last week. I'm sure he's taken the hem up.

Last night saw another big turnout with four games and 17 (?) members and old members present.

In the Napoleonic game the French were victorious over the the Prussians. Brett told me it was due to his inspired leadership.

In the land of BBC kids entertainment, Mick had trotted out his toys to pit Unit, Torchwood, Time War Daleks, "Eye" Daleks and those guys with the rhino heads against each other. I forget what happened, but I'm sure it wasn't my fault.

The sound of Hammerin' Iron led me to the sight of USS Monitor taking on CSS Virginia. When asked what had happened James launched into a monologue about love, endevour, heroism, fate, lost opportunities, tradegy and regret. I haven't got time for all that. Suffice to say James lost.

In the Warhammer League game things were finely balanced between the dark pointy eared types and the Empire when I left. I say that, but Robin told me he was about to win.

Next week we have:

James and Bradley playing Chicken Pox. Well. it must be better than Hordes.

As it will be the anniversary of a well known act of naked aggression, Brett, Andy B, Mick, Tom, Duncan and Robin (are you sure ?) will be examining the merits of Fall Weiss in 15mm to FOW (note to self: bring lots of toys). I'm guessing I can predict who won't be on the side of the free world.

Mr Bookmarc will be leading Tony, Rob, Jamie, Trainset and Andy G to their doom in D & D. And he looks such a nice boy.


Mick reported that Gamezone will give a "club" discount of 15% on GW stuff (back to last years prices then !), if we can organise a £100 + order. Thinking caps on then boys.

Mick asked to have a shelf to store the terrain he keeps in the cupboard, as it was getting damaged. That terrain to be available for use by club members (OK, not Knuckles, but that goes without saying). This was agreed (despite the treasurer's suggestion of "rent"), as we like using Mick's stuff when he's not there.

Brett asked the club to think about any terrain required before Colours and to have a list by 7th September.

Duncan said he would run a game of Supremacy the week after next. Everyone else said "What the hells "Supremacy" ?"and "Who the hell are you ?" Apparently it is "Risk" with resources and Duncan is an returning member. Welcome back Duncan and stay away from the "Dark Side" (James and Bradley chiefly).

Jamie asked for and got volunteers to play Alternity at some point soon. He said it would be in the near future, set now. If anyone knows what this means tell me.

Last Weeks Quote:

Mick is very old, as is the film "Cross of Iron".

This weeks quote:

"There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, the enemies of the state tend to become the people."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Games for 25-8-10

I'm baaack...
Vince has gone awol this week so I get to wear the mini skirt again (apparently James didn't wash it last time he wore it...).

Next week we have:

Nappies- Brett Trainset, Mike and Tom

Warhammer- Robin and Andy G

Hammering Iron- Bookmarc and James

Dr Who- Mick, Connor, Bradley, Tony and Jamie

Wars of Religion- Andy B and Rob

Last weeks quote was from 'Stalingrad'

This weeks quote-

'Do you believe in god sargeant?'
'I believe god is a sadist but probably doesn't even know it.'

Until the next time, Mick.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Games for 18/08/10

An interesting club night. A lot of new members, a glitter ball and 80's music. It was 10 minutes before I realised it wasn't one of Mick's weird games and that we had been bumped for a disco.

Apparently a booking from some months ago had been forgotten. Huge apologies from the staff and the diary was duly struck out for every Wednesday to make sure it couldn't happen again.

On to next week. I am assuming all the games scheduled for last week will run. If not please let your friendly secretary know so alternatives can be arranged.

Last Weeks Quote(s):

The first one was "Ice Cold in Alex" as Brett correctly said.
The second was "Ice Station Zebra" which Mick got.

This Weeks Quote:

The best thing about the cold is........... (slumps down dead)

(cradling body) You don't have to worry about sunburn.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Games for 11/08/10

Last night saw three games and a big turn out of 16 club members.

In the Mexican American game the "forces of the free world" were doing well and then it all went belly up with the Andy B producing two natural 1's. Now I think natural ones are preferrable to plastic ones, but there is a time and a place. Sad to say the Mexicans lost. No water for us then.

Back on Mars, an empire was being carved out by the steam powered British. Suffice to say Bradley lost.

In the arena the gladiators fought it out under Mick's watchful eye.It was a game of skill, tactics, guile and cunning, where only the most intelligent player could triumph. I understand Knuckles was the victor. Errr Mick, see me.

At the 9 O'Clock Bookmarc agreed to source 3 keys for the old cupboard and 5 for the new, after problems accessing the new cupboard. As half the club tapes seem to have run off to join the circus Bradley was commissioned to send a pensioner to B & Q to get 6 more.

Next week we have:

Frag - Run by Mick with Vince, Dude and Connor. I'm sure we will be.

ACW in 20mm - Brett will be marshalling Tony, Andy B and Andy G.

Hordes - James and Bradley together again. This time they are letting Bookmarc and Jamie play too.

Last Weeks Quote:

Last weeks quote, provided by James, who kindly stepped into my secretarial shoes, was from Iron Man 2.

This Weeks Quote:

"Ahh, worth waiting for."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Games for 04/08/10

Right then.

By the time I realised I had to do the scribbling this week, the camera's battery had died so the only photos are of my game. Tough. Above you can see Bradley rolling a cigarette while the British advance across Mars. Below he's gone to smoke it while the British decide this Mars lark is all a bit silly and retreat.

Elsewhere Rob was holding his own in Afghanistan and Brett's game was a load of Krupp.

Next week - JDE, Bradley, Tom, Jamie and Bookmark will return to Mars. Brett will take Andys B and G, Tony and Vince to Mexico, and Mick can ask everyone else why they are not entertained.

And now your quote. I've really enjoyed all the historical film quotes, no really I have. So here's one. "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to exit the donut."


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Games for 28/07/10

This week saw Mick's marines being too much for Robin's Imperial Guard. Robin was heard to blame the loss on his specs steaming up !

Elsewhere Tom and I played "chase me" in a LOTR game run by James. Unfortunately my Hobbits little legs let them down, although Tom nearly died of shame as he lost several combats to a lone Hobbit. Pole dancing stopped play, so James took over picking on the little guys.

In the AWI game a good time was had by all, not least Brett who was still grinning at the sight of the passing helicopters when I left.


Rob will be ambushing Me, Bookmarc and Tom up an alley in Afghanistan.

Mick will trot out his bargain 28mm Franco-Prussian armies with Brett, Andy B and Jamie.

James wouldn't tell me what him and Bradley will be doing, although he did say it would be one of two things. He wouldn't tell me what those two things were, although he said he enjoyed both of them.

What colour Bradley's hair will be next week is anyone's guess.


Dude was volunteered to play in a Warhammer league he doesn't even know about.

Robin reported he has the club lights on order. Bookmarc to reinburse Robin when they arrive, although the invoice for infra red binoculars is to be rejected !

Last Weeks Quote:

Well done to Mick and Phil who got it right. It was "Downfall". Rumours that Brett is still hoping for a happy ending to the film cannot be substantiated.

This Weeks Quote:

Where's the Captain ?


Didn't ask you how he was. I asked you where he was.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We've Moved & Games for 21/07/10

OK, It says it on our front page, but I'll say it again. WE'VE MOVED. WE AREN'T AT THE BEACH PUB ANYMORE. IF YOU GO THERE YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN.WE ARE AT THE BATH HOUSE PUB, ESPLANADE, EXMOUTH, EX8 2AZ. OK, I'm not saying again. Knuckles will still be there wondering where everyone has gone.

This week saw us moving and no games were played (Ha, Mick). Andy kissed the landlord goodbye and we were off. Naturally we moved everything we own in the rain and the teeth of a force 8 gale. Don't you love summer ? Thanks to all those who provided the muscle and vehicles. Special mention to Robin and his BIG trailer, Bradley & Mrs Bradley with the space wagon and Tony & Tom who had taken half our kit to storage the week before.

The move went well, the new cabinet and the old one are in situ (after some debate with the cook as to where they went) and the pub seems to have what we need (beer, cheap food, huge room and a landlady who talks to you when you ask her a question). With curry and a pint for £5 on a Wednesday I can see those huge seagulls becoming a feature of many games.

All done, thanks go to Andy B for negotiating the change of venue.

Other news - James & Brett reported back on Legionary 2011. The club voted to support the show again and through the ether we learnt Rygas club had done the same, so it looks like it is on. A change of site for the show is currently being negotiated.

Games for 21/07/10

40K - Mick & Robin - Change of venue, no change of game.

AWI 10mm - Brett will lead Bradley, Rob, Andy B & Jamie (new Bruce) to a brave new world where they can kill the natives.

LOTR - Another quest for Tom's ring. This time James and myself will be after it.


We all knew it was Zulu Dawn, but Phil had to be smart about it.


Orders, sir?

I am to be shot.

What? Why?

They believe I moved my command post, away from the enemy!

Not a bad idea, General.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

14/07/10 Club Meeting

Last night saw two games.

Rob took Bradley and Mick for a stroll through the jungle in Vietnam, to Ambush Alley rules. I don't think there was much chance to admire the view.

On the other table, Tom ran an ambush scenario involving Dwarves and Orcs. After some debate as to the meaning of "Orcs" and how many points each side actually had, James and Tony were made to see the error of their ways in attacking the stunties. Balin's axe was particularly keen, taking off a Troll's head in passing. Quite how he reached I don't know.

Next week we have:


Assembly at 19-00 hours at the Beach Pub, with a view to moving, lock, stock, barrel and cupboard at 19-30 hours to the Bath House, Esplande, Exmouth, EX8 2AZ.

Mick is confident this can be accomplished in a trice and so will bring Frag or similar. I would suggest card games for any who share his cheerful optimism.


Last weeks quote came from Cockleshell Heroes.

Phil can drum himself out of the Girl Guides for not getting it right, but I'll give him a chance to redeem himself and don the uniform again, with this weeks quote.

This weeks quote:

"Oh no ! Come all this way to get shot by a bullet from Birmingham ? Shoot straight you b***ards"


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Games for 7/7/10

Last night saw James take on all comers in Warhammer Quest.
As a Quest virgin I can't say he was gentle with me, as two separate parties blundered around the dungeon searching for the fire demon (why would anyone one look for one of those ?). Now I've never been a fan of taking barbarians to social gatherings, but taking a blind one defies belief. He had to go and go he did.
Much hacking and slaying later two things became clear, being unconcious is not all bad and Elves are not much cop.
In the other party Bradley persisted in using a telescope as a weapon (not a bright boy) and Andy, Bookmarc and Robin cleaved their way to our rescue. Not sure that was the idea of the outing, but who cares ?

Next week we have:

40 K - Robin & Mick - Should Robin turn up, if not Mick is in the open game

LOTR skirmish - Run by Tom. Players Tony, James and Vince.

D & D - Bookmarc and Andy G have a "one on one"

Open game: Vietnam to "Force on Force" (Ambush Alley) - Run by Rob with Bradley et al.

AOB: Logistics and costs of new cupboard "debated". Robin has checked and 5 ft cupboard is £55. Unanimous vote to authorise purchase of 6 ft cupboard. Limit £80. Tony kindly agreed to visit Bakers yard and source this on Saturday.
If possible it will be put in situ, if not he will store it for a couple of weeks.


Last Week - Classic war film the "Dirty Dozen"

This Week:

"This is your chance. It doesn't come to all men, but it's come to you. Don't fail yourself."


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Games for 30/06/10

England stopped play last week so I don't know what is on, other than the provisional list I posted a few weeks ago.


Last weeks was from "Battle of the River Plate".

This weeks:

I reckon the folks'd be a sight happier if I died like a soldier. Can't say I would.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Games for 23/06/10 & 30/06/10

Last night saw an appalling incident of police brutality, when a suspect was found dead in the Underhive. Bradley "accidently" cheated his way to a win in Warhamster and most other people did some horse and musket things in the 7 Years War.

Next week we have:

VBCW 28mm- Tony will run an open game back in 1938 with Tom (too young to have heard of 1938), Bookmarc (not so sure) and Knuckles (yeah, well)

Warhamster Part Deux - Bradley, James & Rob will have a threesome

No doubt other club members may turn up depending on how well England do earlier in the day !

For 30/06/10 we tentatively have:

Marlburian to Under the Lily Banners in 28mm - Me, Brett, Rob

Warhammer Quest - James, Bookmarc, Bradley, Robin, Tony & Tom

Last Weeks Quote:

I think we all know really. If you don't, then drum yourself out of the club. The most famous Six hundred men in history. Phil you can have the DVD back now.

This Weeks Quote:

Are you alright ?

A few ventilation gaps here Sir. A bit draughty, but otherwise alright.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Games for 16/06/10

Last night saw Mick's bargain basement 28mm Franco Prussian armies fight out a bloody draw. Andy G risked joining Bradley on the club "wall of shame", when he failed to roll a 5+ on 18 consecutive die rolls. I would have handed him a revolver so he could do the decent thing, but I'm sure he would have missed. Finally came good with 4 successful rolls out of the next 6.

On the other tables some teeny tiny Brits saw off some itsy bitsy Soviets in Bookmarc's cold war bash.

I was a little concerned by James posting that "I'll bring something along to amuse me and Bradley", but, on the night, was assured they were playing Hordes. As we have young readers like Tom, I won't say what I found them doing when I ventured into the dark corner they had chosen. Suffice to say it was an activity that was banned at all the clubs I have ever been a member of and it certainly wasn't Hordes.

Next week we have:

Necromunda - My Enforcers will venture out of the Precinct station to track down "der Cop Killers". I don't think it will be hard as Mick has had "Cop Killer" tattooed on his forehead.

7 Years War to Volley and Bayonet - Rob will attempt to keep Brett, Andy B and possibly Andy G in some sort of order. I should bring a whip and a chair Rob.

Bradley and James will be together again, allegedly playing Warmaster. Yeah, right.

Skirmish (maybe WW2 - shoot the secretary he didn't note it down) - Tony and Tom


Last weeks was the Longest Day if you missed it and Andy B bothered to get it right.

This weeks quote:

You're a stewstick.

Fetchoff !



Why don't you draw your horse from round your ears ? Bring your head out of his ar*e.

Until we meet again.


Thursday, June 03, 2010

Games for 9th June 2010

Last night there were two games. Rob's game was in 6mm. I didn't have my specs on, so I am not sure what it was or what happened. I'm pretty certain it wasn't the naval game advertised though !

James and Simon certainly didn't play LOTR though. I am sure of that. Not least because James sat around agitating on the edge of the Underhive.

Mick, Robin and myself did play Necromunda. The scum ganged up on my "police" wiping out my patrol and killing my little dog (pause for sympathy). He was no more than a puppy.

At the 9 O'Clock we learnt Legionary made a profit and planning had started for next years event.

Next week we have:

A Franco-Prussian war game in 28mm run by Mick. Andy B, Brett, Rob and myself will be trying to sort our Chassepot from our Dreyse.

A Modern/WW2 game to Skytrex/Tabletop rules run by Bookmarc (someone must tell the boy that WW2 is over). Players are Robin, Tony and Tom. Yep, I said Robin.

So this means people, that anyone else attending needs to bring/organise a game for themselves. You were warned. I shall make you play Epic with Bradley if you don't !

This weeks quote:

He's dead. I'm crippled. You're lost. Do you suppose it's always like that ? I mean war.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Games for 2nd June 2010 & The New Order

Something happened last night at the AGM. I vaguely remember a vote ( in which I voted for James), the words "stitch up" and Mick smiling maniacally as he handed me his pen.
The long and the short of it seemed to be that I am the new club secretary (before Robin replies, I know I don't have the legs for it, and no, I am not wearing a skirt).
It just remains for me to formally thank Mick for his good work and to say that I shall be continuing the quote of the week section because I like it and (bizarrely) have a similar DVD collection to Mick.
I am sure Mick and I will come to some arrangement for the notes of the AGM to appear in the appropriate place in due course (er Mick, can you assist ?).

On to the important stuff, namely games for next week:

Rob will be running a naval game involving Carthagians v Republican Romans to Impetus naval rules. Players are Rob, Brett, Knuckles and Bookmarc

James and Simon will be battling it out in Middle Earth to LOTR, with space for Chris if he comes.

Mick, Robin & myself will be in the Underhive (Robin never leaves it), as my Enforcers attempt to put the juves back in order (Necromunda to the unitiated).

Appropriate quote of the week:

You elected ?

Na. I got nominated real good.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Games for 19-5-10

This week we had a mini Samurai battle and total havoc in a Frag game where it was discovered a flame thrower was more deadly than a nuke...

Next week we have:

Battlelore- Mick and Vince (and Robin if he s around)

Mini Samurai- Rob, Bookmarc and Brett

GASLIGHT British Civil War- Tony, Bradley and possibly James

The AGM will be Wednesday 26th May so if you want anything discussed let Andy B know by then as well as any nominations for chairman, secetary and treasurer.

This weeks quote- P... p... pillow...

Until next time, Mick

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Games for 12-5-10

Slightly earlier this week...

Next week we have:

6mm Samurai- Rob, Brett, Andy B, Tony and Knuckles (although when Knuckles left he did say see you in two weeks...)

Frag- Mick, Robin, Vince, Bookmarc, Trainset and Dude

Open Game- Bradley and any others

The club voted to move to the new premises at the Bath House after the World Cup was over.

This weeks quote- 'Throw him to the floor again sir?'

Until the next time, Mick

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Games for 5-5-10

Sorry for the extreme delay on this, its been a very hectic few days both at work and play...

This Wednesday we have:

AWI- Brett, Rob, Chris and possibly Trainset...

ACW- Bradley, Bookmarc and Tony F

LotR- Simon, Dan, Colin and Knuckles (may the lord have mercy on their souls...)

40k- Vince and Mick (for a change...)

The club has voted in principle to move to larger premises. Any members who want to check out the possible new site at the Bath House are to meet there at 7pm this Wednesday.

Can I say a big thank you to all those members who helped out Saturday at Legionary especially those that helped clear up at the end after the other club buggered off...

Easy quote for this week- Where does he get all those marvellous toys?

Until the next time, Mick

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Games for 14-4-10

This week the 40k and fantasy gamers played their games with calmness and dignity, as for the historical gamers... (Ear plugs will be provided for all the others next time) :-)

Next week we have:

Nappies- Rob, Chris, Brett, Bookmarc and Simon

40k- Robin and Dude

Warhammer- Bradley and Andy G (if no Andy Bradley will be joining the Nappies)

FOW- Vince and Andy B

This weeks quote-

Does this mean what I think it do?
It do

Work stops play for me for the next two weeks so someone else will be reporting here (I hope!).

Til the next time, Mick

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Games for 7-4-10

Only two games last night, a Nappies one and a 40k one.

Next week we have:

40k- Robin, Simon and Mick

Nappies- Rob, Chris, Bookmarc and Brett

Warhammer- Bradley and possibly Dude or possibly James or possibly anyone else who wants to challenge him...

This weeks quote- You are drunk, and whenever you are drunk you forget who is in charge!

Until next week, Mick

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Games for 24-3-10

Back to normal(?) now... This week the Skaven beat the Wood Elves, the Chaos Marines beat the Imperial Marines and everyone tried to keep the Hessians away from the pub...

Next week we have:

Warhammer- Bradley and Robin

WWI- Beef, Brett, Bookmark and Chris

Ancients- Rob, Dude and Vince?

This weeks quote- Now that s what I call a close encounter...

Work stops play for me next week so someone else will (probably) do the weekly update...

Til the next time, Mick

Sunday, March 14, 2010

We re Back This Wednesday (17th)

We ve got the ok to return this Weds :-)

So far we have-

Something to do with those American colonials- Brett, Trainset and Andy G

40k Killteam- Mick and Robin

Anyone else fancy putting a game on?

Cheers, Mick

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Back to the Beach

Current date to return to the pub and the club is March 17th - updates will be posted here.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No club in February!

For those who only read this and don't get the emails - there is no club in February due to the room being refurbished. We expect to be back in March and will confirm here. Apologies for the delay in putting a note here on the blog….

If anyone wants to put some pretty pictures on here in the meantime, feel free…


Friday, January 22, 2010

Games for 27-1-10

Next week we have:

Mexican/American- Brett, Trainset (yes he's actually reemerged!), Bookmarc and Andy G

40k League- Dude has put a challenge out to Robin...

Ancients- everyone else

This weeks quote- 'It don't mean a thing, it don't mean a thing'

Work stops play for me again next week so until the next time, Mick

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weekly Update and Games for 20-1-10

The majority of the fair weather gamers made it to the club this week :-)
There were two nice historical games, Seven Years War and ACW, and a 40k game where the Emperors finest proved they weren't against Imperial Guard...

Next week we have-

40k League- Simon and Andy B

AWI- Brett, Bookmarc and Trainset

WHFRP 3rd Edition- Rob, Dude, Chris, Vince, Andy G (possibly), Knuckles (possibly), Colin (possibly) and Matt (possibly)

Frag- Mick, Bradley and anyone else

This weeks quote- 'Its all in the reflexes...'

Until the next time, Mick

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Weekly Update and Games for 13-1-10

Due to the huge turnout last night (Bradley and Knuckles, well done lads!) The games for next week will be the same as they were for this week, almost...
For those with short memories they are:

7 Years War- Rob, Brett, Andy B, Vince and Trainset

ACW- Bradley, Andy G, Bookmarc and Knuckles

40k- Robin and Mick (change to original)

This weeks quote- 'You walk the walk but do you talk the talk?'

Until next time, Mick

Games for 13/1/10

As only Bradley and Knuckles made it to the pub, I'm assuming this weeks games are next weeks games - see blog for details. Feel free to discuss, object etc. I won't be there but had a very pleasant evening playing Magic with Bradley in my local.

Happy gaming.


Friday, January 01, 2010

Weekly Update and Games for 6-1-10

Happy New Year everyone!

Congratulations to Andy G for winning the Warhammer league for the second year running!

Games for next week are as follows (managed to keep hold of the list this time...) -

7 Years War- Rob, Brett, Andy B, Vince and Trainset (if he still exists...)

ACW- Bradley, Andy G, Bookmarc and Knuckles

Space Hulk- Robin, Mick, Colin and Matt

Last weeks seasonal quote was from 'The Great Escape'

This weeks quote- 'Your clothes, give them to me.'

Have a good one everyone!
Until the next time, Mick