Thursday, May 27, 2010

Games for 2nd June 2010 & The New Order

Something happened last night at the AGM. I vaguely remember a vote ( in which I voted for James), the words "stitch up" and Mick smiling maniacally as he handed me his pen.
The long and the short of it seemed to be that I am the new club secretary (before Robin replies, I know I don't have the legs for it, and no, I am not wearing a skirt).
It just remains for me to formally thank Mick for his good work and to say that I shall be continuing the quote of the week section because I like it and (bizarrely) have a similar DVD collection to Mick.
I am sure Mick and I will come to some arrangement for the notes of the AGM to appear in the appropriate place in due course (er Mick, can you assist ?).

On to the important stuff, namely games for next week:

Rob will be running a naval game involving Carthagians v Republican Romans to Impetus naval rules. Players are Rob, Brett, Knuckles and Bookmarc

James and Simon will be battling it out in Middle Earth to LOTR, with space for Chris if he comes.

Mick, Robin & myself will be in the Underhive (Robin never leaves it), as my Enforcers attempt to put the juves back in order (Necromunda to the unitiated).

Appropriate quote of the week:

You elected ?

Na. I got nominated real good.


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