Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Games for 5-5-10

Sorry for the extreme delay on this, its been a very hectic few days both at work and play...

This Wednesday we have:

AWI- Brett, Rob, Chris and possibly Trainset...

ACW- Bradley, Bookmarc and Tony F

LotR- Simon, Dan, Colin and Knuckles (may the lord have mercy on their souls...)

40k- Vince and Mick (for a change...)

The club has voted in principle to move to larger premises. Any members who want to check out the possible new site at the Bath House are to meet there at 7pm this Wednesday.

Can I say a big thank you to all those members who helped out Saturday at Legionary especially those that helped clear up at the end after the other club buggered off...

Easy quote for this week- Where does he get all those marvellous toys?

Until the next time, Mick

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