Thursday, June 10, 2010

Games for 16/06/10

Last night saw Mick's bargain basement 28mm Franco Prussian armies fight out a bloody draw. Andy G risked joining Bradley on the club "wall of shame", when he failed to roll a 5+ on 18 consecutive die rolls. I would have handed him a revolver so he could do the decent thing, but I'm sure he would have missed. Finally came good with 4 successful rolls out of the next 6.

On the other tables some teeny tiny Brits saw off some itsy bitsy Soviets in Bookmarc's cold war bash.

I was a little concerned by James posting that "I'll bring something along to amuse me and Bradley", but, on the night, was assured they were playing Hordes. As we have young readers like Tom, I won't say what I found them doing when I ventured into the dark corner they had chosen. Suffice to say it was an activity that was banned at all the clubs I have ever been a member of and it certainly wasn't Hordes.

Next week we have:

Necromunda - My Enforcers will venture out of the Precinct station to track down "der Cop Killers". I don't think it will be hard as Mick has had "Cop Killer" tattooed on his forehead.

7 Years War to Volley and Bayonet - Rob will attempt to keep Brett, Andy B and possibly Andy G in some sort of order. I should bring a whip and a chair Rob.

Bradley and James will be together again, allegedly playing Warmaster. Yeah, right.

Skirmish (maybe WW2 - shoot the secretary he didn't note it down) - Tony and Tom


Last weeks was the Longest Day if you missed it and Andy B bothered to get it right.

This weeks quote:

You're a stewstick.

Fetchoff !



Why don't you draw your horse from round your ears ? Bring your head out of his ar*e.

Until we meet again.


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