Thursday, June 17, 2010

Games for 23/06/10 & 30/06/10

Last night saw an appalling incident of police brutality, when a suspect was found dead in the Underhive. Bradley "accidently" cheated his way to a win in Warhamster and most other people did some horse and musket things in the 7 Years War.

Next week we have:

VBCW 28mm- Tony will run an open game back in 1938 with Tom (too young to have heard of 1938), Bookmarc (not so sure) and Knuckles (yeah, well)

Warhamster Part Deux - Bradley, James & Rob will have a threesome

No doubt other club members may turn up depending on how well England do earlier in the day !

For 30/06/10 we tentatively have:

Marlburian to Under the Lily Banners in 28mm - Me, Brett, Rob

Warhammer Quest - James, Bookmarc, Bradley, Robin, Tony & Tom

Last Weeks Quote:

I think we all know really. If you don't, then drum yourself out of the club. The most famous Six hundred men in history. Phil you can have the DVD back now.

This Weeks Quote:

Are you alright ?

A few ventilation gaps here Sir. A bit draughty, but otherwise alright.

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